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MH Themes that are available on

Most of our WordPress themes are available for self-hosted WordPress websites. That means you need a hosting provider which supports WordPress or your own server with WordPress installed to use our WordPress themes. You can simply upload and install your theme through the WordPress dashboard, proceed with the theme setup and start publishing awesome content.

What is

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Image Source: kpgolfpro – – CC0 Public Domain is a hosting provider that offers free WordPress hosting with a limited selection of WordPress themes. That means you can’t install most of the premium WordPress themes that are available on the market because the themes on are optimized to work with the special restrictions and requirements of

In general you also can’t install WordPress plugins on, as there is already some built-in functionality available. Here you can learn more about the difference between and a self-hosted WordPress website: &

MH Themes that are available on

MH Magazine Responsive WordPress Theme
MH Magazine WordPress Theme for self-hosted WordPress sites

As mentioned before, WordPress themes on need to meet some requirements to work properly with the special hosting environment on Submitted themes are also reviewed by the Theme Team to ensure a unique selection of themes. That’s why we can’t offer all our WordPress themes for use on At the moment there is a modified version of our popular MH Magazine WordPress theme available on

Update – June 2017: We’ve decided to retire the theme on If your site is hosted on and in case you want to use the MH Magazine theme, you can purchase this version. It’s possible now to upload custom themes to if you’ve subscribed to their Business plan.

Is it possible to use themes on a self-hosted website?

If you have purchased the MH Magazine WordPress theme on, you can only use the theme on and not on self-hosted WordPress websites. That means if you want to transfer your site from to another hosting provider, you’ll need to purchase the version of MH Magazine for self-hosted websites, because it is also not possible to download themes from

It’s the same in case you want to transfer your site from a self-hosted WordPress installation to In that case you’ll need to purchase the theme on, because it’s also not possible to upload themes to that you have previously purchased. Uploading and installing WordPress themes is only possible on self-hosted WordPress sites.

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