Themes Dropping 2023 But You Can Download all 8 Themes for One-Time $39 Now

We stopped the distribution and further development of the following 8 themes:

The named themes will not be developed any further after 1/1/2023 and there will be no support for them any longer.

We do this, to focus on fewer themes in the future and update them more frequently (read more about it here).

Looking for an Alternative Magazine WordPress Theme, to the ones mentioned above? 🧐

Please take a look at MH Magazine, which is our most popular and still actively maintained magazine WordPress theme!

Do you still want the above Themes? We have a Deal for You! 🔥

Just because we no longer offer and support the themes doesn’t mean you can’t have them!

For a one-time $29 (instead of $2392) you can download all 8 themes listed above and use them on your websites unlimited and forever.

This saves you a total of 98% off the previous retail price!

Buy 8 Themes Bundle Deal for 29$ Now
For the purchase, you will be redirected to the secure site of our payment provider, Freemius.

As mentioned before, the themes are no longer supported with updates or support from us. If that doesn’t stop you, grab the bundle before we take it offline.