Founder of WooThemes is Adriaan Pienaar, he’s a designer, developer and entrepreneur. When developing themes, he mostly makes use of WordPress, PHP and CSS. He is very passionate about what he does, which stands for the success behind the theme club. WooThemes provides lots of high quality WordPress themes, where you may choose from a wide selection of templates. No matter what you’re looking for, a portfolio, beautiful gallery, personal blog, professional business or an interesting magazine WordPress theme – for all of these purposes you can find a suitable theme.

WooThemes WordPress Themes Functionality

WooThemes WordPress themes are based on a great framework. Clients will have an options page where they can change just about any important thing on their page and customize their theme according to their needs. Another important advantage of WooThemes WordPress themes is, that they come with a lot of useful standard and additional features. You don’t need to know anything about coding when styling your layout through the theme options page. Besides, you can modify many aspects, as the framework is built to make your theme very flexible and customizable. In case you want to translate your theme into another language, this works perfectly.

WooThemes WordPress Templates (Image: Screenshot / Website)

So WooThemes WordPress themes are extremely functional. They constantly get improved with new features and additional SEO options and they are very easy to use. To be mentioned here, some WordPress themes by WooThemes are not compatible with all browsers, like e.g. compared to WP themes by ElegantThemes. This means, that there might be chances your website will not be displayed properly.

Visual Experience

Regarding design and layout, WooThemes uses pleasant, nice colors and eye-catching headers for their WordPress themes. Opinions about their design depend on everyones own fancy – usually you will see there is a proper amount of contrast and the readability is very good. Compared to other theme providers, WooThemes offers a better visual experience and you may simply change fonts, colors or else.

WooThemes WordPress Themes Pricing

The standard package is $70, you pay for the 1st of three themes. So this means you pay $70 for 3 themes, this way you get to spend just around $20 on one theme. This offer indeed sounds nice, but other competitors (take ElegantThemes for example) sell their themes for less and you also get to choose from a wider collection. WooThemes makes you want to get 3 themes instead of buying just the one you need. The developer package costs $150 (which gets you the .PSD files + 3 additional themes). The club membership will allow you to access over 100 of their themes, costing $150 for a standard membership and $200 for a developer membership.

What About Support?

The support is quite good, as WooThemes offers full documentation for their themes and you get links to tutorials or fixed problems. Besides, there is a forum for members where you can post any kind of theme related question.


In the end, you should know that WooThemes has many great quality WordPress themes that come with great customer support. However, although this provider is not expensive, it’s not cheap either.

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