WordPress 3.6 Coming Up Spring 2013

A brand new WordPress version is announced to come up this spring. On april 29th WordPress will release version 3.6 – so what can we expect? WordPress 3.5 has more than 6 million downloads – with all the announced features and improvements, surely WordPress 3.6 will become even more successful.

So, WordPress 3.6 What Can We Expect?

WordPress 3.6 will focus more on content editing to make it more usable and intuitive for the end user. In addition, we will get an improved editorial workflow, autosave option, revisions and other cool stuff lots of people were looking forward to. Let’s take a look at these new features and improvements.

1 – Auto-save

Many people have asked for the autosaving option, because they now and then experienced content loss after they hit the publish button, while their session expired or their connection dropped. WordPress will implement a feature for storing the content locally you write, until you publish it.

2 – Post locking

This feature, if enabled, won’t allow other people who are part of the editorial team to overwrite your posts. This comes quite handy, especially in case you have a large team. So in the future, not everyone can mess around on the same article at the same time.

3 – Revisions

Sure, we already have revisions but there are a couple of bugs at the moment. This feature will get improved and fixed and its interface will become more intuitive. Moreover, you will easily see what has been added or removed on each revision.

4 – Post formats UI

We all experienced, that the post formats UI was not that great, so we are happy that it will get improved, among others. This improvement is not only positive for bloggers or writers, but also theme developers will take benefit from the new version. In WordPress 3.6 theme developers won’t have to make their own implementation of post formats through custom fields.

5 – Editorial flow

As WordPress users are still having trouble with the current editorial process, the editorial flow UI will be improved. Besides that, draft revisions will be implemented: you will have the ability to edit a published post, but save the modification as draft before republishing. Custom post statuses will also be added, so you will have the possibility to add statuses such as “work in progress”, “pitch” etc.

6 – Custom menus

Many WordPress beginners are having a hard time using one of those custom menus. And it has been noticed that this has become a general trend, as the custom menus were quite confusing. The UI will get the much needed improvement.

7 – Code maintenance & architecture

As WordPress becomes more powerful over the time, it also needs to be tweaked “under the hood”. So a couple of things are going to change in order to improve speed and maintenance. For not becoming too technical, you can see the planned changes in the dedicated topic on Make WordPress Core.

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