All-in-one platforms are all the rage today. They give virtually anyone the power to build their own website without having to worry about which host to choose, which theme / template to use, which third-party applications to implement and more. We’ve seen variations of this in the WordPress community, particular with SaaS companies.

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Two of the biggest examples are WPMU DEV and Elegant Themes. Both of these WordPress companies offer their products in strict all-in-one subscription models. You cannot purchase a single WordPress theme or plugin. They contribute to that all-in-one model by offering a wide range of WordPress themes for different niches and plugins that fulfill nearly every function a website needs.

A newer company is looking to dominate this model by offering a unique suite of products and services not seen before in the WordPress community. Their name is 10Web, and we’re going to be examining what they have to offer in this post. Let’s get started.

About 10Web

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10Web is a newer service hoping to become the first all-in-one platform for WordPress with a service structure that’s much closer to platforms like Squarespace than anything else. It was created by the team over at Web-Dorado, the folks behind such plugins as Google Analytics WD, Photo Gallery by WD, Form Maker by WD and Event Calendar WD.

10Web can be classified as one of those all-in-one SaaS companies we mentioned before, but it’s hoping to become much more than that. We’ll talk about their plans for the future in a bit. For now, let’s focus on the current collection of WordPress products and services they offer.


10Web Manager
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Here’s a quick rundown of the products, services and features 10Web brings to the table.

  • 60+ Plugins / add-ons – 10Web’s service includes over 60 free and premium plugins and add-ons from Web-Dorado.
  • 6 WordPress themes – 10Web has brought over the six premium WordPress themes available from Web-Dorado. This gives you access to a variety of different options in terms of style and niche.
  • Backup & restoreBackup your website to the cloud and restore it to the last stable version if things go awry.
  • SEO – Edit meta-data, control which pages are indexed and generate XML sitemaps.
  • Image optimization – Keep web pages, especially blog posts, running as fast as possible by shrinking images without losing quality.
  • Reports – Stay on top of the amount of traffic your site receives, and keep track of backups and image optimization with the built-in reporting feature.
  • 1-Click Installs – 10Web’s plugins can be installed in one click through the 10Web manager plugin.
  • Management – The 10Web manager allows you to maintain several WordPress sites at once and install / control 10Web products with ease.

That last feature is an important one. It’s what makes this service so easy to use, and it’s what powers its all-in-one format. You’ll use it to manage your website(s) through a dashboard. You can either use the 10Web dashboard by logging into your account at or use the one on the backend of WordPress. We’ll get into how it works in a second. For now, let’s go over the specific products that are currently available at 10Web.

10Web’s WordPress themes & plugins

10Web offers six themes and over 60 plugins and add-ons, as mentioned before. Let’s take a look at a few of them so you can gain a better understanding of the type of service this company offers.

WordPress themes

10Web WordPress Themes
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This service comes with six premium themes to choose from. Here’s a quick description of each one:

  • Sauron – A business WordPress theme ideal for professional bloggers and service-based businesses. It uses several elements on the homepage, including a grid layout for posts, another one for a portfolio, a contact form and more.
  • Business Elite – A one-page business WordPress theme. It cuts to the chase by using a well-structured landing page complete with calls to action and elements that showcase your services, blog, portfolio and more.
  • Best Magazine – A simple magazine WordPress theme designed for media sites that publish the latest news in their industries. It’s also suitable for professional blogs that publish new posts several times a day.
  • News Magazine – Another magazine theme but with a different design. Similar to the previous theme, it allows you to showcase the latest posts you’ve published in different categories.
  • Business World – Another business WordPress theme that features a well-designed homepage headed by a hero section that features two calls to action. Other elements allow you to showcase your portfolio, a featured post, your team and more.
  • Portfolio Gallery – This theme is designed for freelancers, digital agencies and even non-professionals who create visual works. This includes photographers and graphic designers.

Let’s move onto plugins.

WordPress plugins

10Web WordPress Plugins
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10Web comes with over 25 premium plugins. The add-ons are individual extensions you can install for a few select plugins. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Form Maker – A premium contact form builder. It comes with 43 field types, templates, themes and more. You can even integrate things like payment options and spam protection.
  • Photo Gallery – A wonderful plugin for photographers, graphic designers and similar artists. It allows you to showcase your work with a beautiful and fully customizable gallery.
  • Google Analytics WD – This plugin allows you to connect Google Analytics to your site and view reports inside the WordPress admin area.
  • Ecommerce WD – A shopping cart plugin that replaces WooCommerce. It allows you to create and manage products, integrate payment gateways such as PayPal and Stripe, create pages for manufacturers, use labels, customize shipping rules for different regions and product weights, and more.
  • MailChimp WD – This plugin helps you grow your email list with MailChimp by making it easy to create custom opt-in forms. Aside from creating custom styles, you can use custom fields, use conditional formatting and even integrate PayPal.
  • Ad Manager WD – This plugin makes it easy for you to display ads on your site. You can schedule ads, use geo targeting to showcase custom ads to certain locations, target devices and more.

Let’s move onto services.

Available services

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Some of the plugins 10Web offers are classified as “services” due to the level of sophistication involved in their functionalities. We’re going to talk about the services available at the moment:

We’ll talk about the services this company plans to implement in the future a little later.


10Web Backups
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10Web offers a fairly sophisticated backup service. You can backup your database, file system, WordPress themes and plugins. They’re stored in a cloud storage solution of your choosing, which includes such options as Google Drive, Rackspace, Dropbox and Amazon S3.

Backups can be scheduled on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, and you can choose to only backup changes to save on space and page speed. Lastly, you can restore your site from one of these backups with the simple click of a button.


10Web SEO
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The 10Web SEO service isn’t available natively through the manager as the other plugins are. Instead, you’ll need to install it by searching for SEO by 10Web in WordPress. After that, you can connect your Google Search Console account to start tracking SEO errors, 404 errors and more. Unfortunately, you’ll need to connect your Moz account to gain access to complex search data, which will cost you a minimum of $99 / month once you burn through the trial.

Other features include the ability to change meta titles and descriptions, generate an XML sitemap, and implement canonical URLs and redirects. A major drawback to this plugin is its lack of a content analysis feature, so you’re better off sticking with Yoast SEO or other sophisticated SEO plugins if you need keyword density and readability data.

Image optimization

10Web Image Optimizer
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The image optimization service can be enabled directly through the 10Web manager. You can optimize individual images or optimize in bulk. When you optimize in bulk, you have the option of choosing between three compression options. Unfortunately, the service falls behind image optimization tools like WP Smush and TinyPNG. I tested the free versions of all three services with a single PNG image. The original size was 824.78 KB. These are the results:

  • Image Optimizer
    • Full Size: 261.04 KB
    • Large: 144.87 KB
    • Medium: 19.24 KB
  • WP Smush
    • Full Size: N/A in free version
    • Large: 138.7 KB
    • Medium: 13.5 KB
  • TinyPNG
    • Full Size: 229.6 KB

How it works: Using 10Web

10Web Free Trial
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You can start using 10Web today with a 14-day free trial. You’ll be asked to provide your name, email address, desired password and credit / debit card information. Your card will be charged immediately after the trial period ends if you don’t cancel your subscription beforehand. You’ll be asked to add your website after that.

10Web Add Website
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You do this by downloading the ZIP folder for the 10Web Manager plugin and installing it on your website. You can use the service to manage your website using the dashboard at or directly within the WordPress admin area.

10Web Log In
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You can install individual WordPress themes, plugins and add-ons easily through the dashboard using the 10Web Manager.

10Web Bulk Actions
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You can even deactivate these products, update them or delete them from your site entirely. You can also manage backups and image optimization as previously shown. Let’s wrap this post up.

Pricing & support

10Web Pricing
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Note: These prices are current as of March 2018.

10Web offers three plans in monthly and annual formats. Each plan offers the same set of features with a few differences here and there. It mainly has to do with the number of websites you’re allowed to manage, the amount of storage you’re allowed for backups and the number of images you can optimize per month.

  • Basic
    • 3 Domains
    • 10GB of storage for backups
    • Optimize 20,000 images / month
    • $12 / month or $120 / year
  • Standard
    • 10 Domains
    • 40GB of storage for backups
    • Optimize 80,000 images / month
    • $30 / month or $300 / year
  • Premium
    • 50 Domains
    • 140GB of storage for backups
    • Optimize 250,000 images / month
    • $80 / month or $780 / year

The plans advertise “premium support”, but I’m afraid the only form of support this company offers is through email Monday through Saturday with a response time within 24 hours.

10Web’s roadmap

If you scroll through 10Web’s website, you’ll see a lot of “Coming Soon” labels. This is due to the number of products and services the company is planning to add to the platform. They include:

  • Hosting
  • Security
  • Uptime monitoring

You can use / view demos of 10Web’s products on its website, or sign up for a 14-day free trial today.

Disclosure: This review has been sponsored by 10Web. The statements and opinions are our own.

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