Religion, spirituality and charity are very well-known driving forces behind the existence of mankind that have not lost their relevance even with so much of technical advancement and progress. On the contrary, their impact seems to have grown stronger, and technology has made things better for them. Today, the digital world is abuzz with sites and blogs dedicated to religion, spirituality and charity. People like to connect with these sites and seem to find them very conducive for their spiritual advancement. This is why churches and other religious organizations have started taking online presence seriously.

For many of them, WordPress is the most suitable companion in this technical endeavor, and they look for religious, charity and church WordPress themes to build their web platforms. WordPress developers have also come up with many samples that promise great results. They have features that help to broadcast events and sermons, mobilize people for charity and donations, spread messages and do all other things that the churches and charity organizations wish to do. So, take a look at 21 of the best religious, charity and church WordPress themes 2014. We hope you like the collection and find some suitable charity and church WordPress themes that fit your requirements and purpose.

Collection Of Charity And Church WordPress Themes

Benevolence – Great Church WordPress Theme

Benevolence Church WordPress Theme

Benevolence is a great theme that would suit well with churches, religious organizations, non-profit associations and similar groups. The theme is replete with useful features like events calendar which lets you manage the attendances, PayPal integration through which you can get funds/donations and lots more. The brightest aspect of Benevolence is that the theme is very fast and offers you full control over your site. You can also mold it any style you want with the help of unlimited color scheme, 11 custom post type, 14 custom widgets and other characteristics. In short, Benevolence is a great choice to achieve your aims.

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Revive – Feature-Rich Church WP Theme

Revive Church WordPress Theme

Revive is a very active WordPress theme which comes with features such as RevolutionSlider, drag & drop page builder, audio/video support for sermons, boxed and wide layout, unlimited colors and fonts, etc. Revive Church WordPress Theme was designed to bring the religious/spiritual people on a digital platform from where they could access the sermons and events with simple clicks. The template is completely customizable and comes with full support that means you are the master of your site and can have everything the way you prefer.

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Church & Event – Prosperous Charity WP Theme

Church and Event WordPress Theme

This is a very prosperous WordPress theme driven with great features and plugins. Church and Event can serve different kinds of websites and possesses an excellent client’s base and credibility among WordPress users. The theme comes with a layered slider where you can display catchy content, and there is also WooCommerce and WooTickets support through which you can monetize the sermons and events. This template is very engaging in the display, and you can give it any shape you like with the drag and drop page builder and 1200+ premium icon set.

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Chronicles – Premium WordPress Theme

Chronicles Church WordPress Theme

Here is a premium church theme for WordPress that is very well-endowed with features. Chronicles comes with a responsive design, retina-ready display, unlimited colors, 630+ Google fonts, unlimited sidebars, custom CSS fields, Aqua Page Builder, events calendar and lots more. The theme is very well-versed with the needs and requirements of a church website and will give you everything that you need to deliver your message to the people, far and wide. Chronicles is, in every way, a good template choice. You get this theme with support at a cost-effective price.

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ChurcHope – Beautiful WordPress Theme For Churches

ChurcHope Church WordPress Theme

Elegant and enriched with features, ChurcHope could be your ideal church/non-profit organization theme. This WordPress theme is responsive and loads well on all screen sizes which means your followers can access your site quickly from their smartphones. You can also reach out to a wider range of audience as the template supports multiple languages and is well-aligned with social media. The theme also offers you various styling options to create your site in your style. ChurchHope could be all those things that you need to disseminate information and knowledge through sermons, events and other channels.

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Mission – Charity WordPress Theme

Mission Church WordPress Theme

Here is a great theme for churches and charity organizations loaded with necessary functionality and features that could take your site one step further. Mission welcomes you with custom posts, responsive design, home page widget builder, full localization and many other compatible features. It offers you everything that you need to introduce your staff, events, causes, news, etc. to your audience. The template is very well-designed and also comes with free updates and prompt support that makes sure you never land in a troubled spot. Mission makes things super smooth for you and you can devote yourself entirely to your mission.

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Forgiven – Feature Packed WP Theme

Forgiven Charity WordPress Theme

This is a great WordPress theme that comes with church theme content, events, calendar/schedule, sermon, staff, e-commerce support, 35+ color customizations and lots of other features that will keep you ahead of others and might give you great results in very less time. You can easily design your site with the visual composer and invite people with the events calendar to the next event. Forgiven is a fabulous template, which can be customized and modified in various ways.

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Mission Charity – Flexible WordPress Theme

Mission Charity WordPress Theme

Churches run on funds and charities and Mission Charity was designed with a great emphasis on crowd funding and commerce. Its features include Ignitiondeck, WooCommerce readiness, unlimited colors, Google Maps integration, numerous widgets and much more. This WordPress theme has got all the things in its arsenal that are needed to create a full-fledged church website. The endless colors give you a free hand to design the site as per your taste and the most potent crowd funding plugin Ignitiondeck makes sure you never fall short of funds and donations. What is more, Mission Charity can be installed with a single click and performs out of the box.

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Charity Hub – Clean WordPress Theme

Charity Hub WordPress Theme

Clean, customizable and profitable; Charity Hub is an excellent theme option for churches that want to mobilize and connect with spiritual or religious people. The theme has a special custom post type “cause” that helps you generate funds and also integrates volunteers. It is also well-aligned with PayPal and sends a confirmation notice to the email of the donor when the donation process gets completed. As far as designing is concerned, Charity Hub is very well-endowed and offers you boxed/full layout, parallax/color section to tailor the thing as per your style. The template is a fabulous choice and could serve your purpose with great devotion and perfection.

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DonateNow – Charity WordPress Theme

Donate Now Charity WordPress Theme

This theme gives a strong call for action and is suitable for all the churches and charity organizations that are looking for funds and donations. DonateNow carries two cause templates, 600 Google fonts, 256 icons, 4 header styles, 4 image border styles, 4 button border styles, 4 layouts styles, events calendar and much more. So, you can clearly see that the theme can quickly build up a bright and inviting site for you with its styling elements. Since it also comes with translation support, you can reach out to more and more people.

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Kause – Powerful WP Theme For Charity & Church

Kause Charity WordPress Theme

Kause is a very powerful and performance-oriented WordPress theme. Having features like responsive design, retina-ready display, secure admin panel, 600+ fonts, advanced blog options and lots more; the theme could fit your requirements. You can easily bring people to take notice of your events and also broadcast your message with great clarity and strength. Kause is very flexible and hence, offers you lots of customization alternatives to tailor things as per your taste. Focusing on a clean and minimal approach, this theme might give the best packaging to your web platform.

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Charitas – Decent Charity WP Theme

Charitas Charity WordPress Theme

Looking for a neat and decent theme with powerful functionality so that you can mobilize funds for your church/nonprofit organization? Charitas, a well-designed and strong theme that will serve your cause with great strength. This theme supports PayPal through which the donors can contribute, and these donations find a reflection in the Automatic Progress Bar on your site. Charitas is responsive, retina-ready, translatable, fast, social media friendly and many more things. The template gives you full control over your site, and you can manage everything, right from the design to the donations, in a simple and easy way.

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Real Church – SEO Optimized WP Template

Real Church WordPress Theme

Completely comprehensive and competent to the core, Real Church could be the best choice for your church website. The theme comes with features like sermon post type, events post type, pastor post type through which you can inform and enlighten people in the best manner. It is also SEO optimized and retina-ready which means you could get good rankings and more traffic. Real Church has enough of styling elements and customization options needed to design the site in your style without having to tamper even a single line of code. The template could be a true companion for your website, and you can have a super smooth ride with it.

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Genesis Church – Robust WordPress Theme

Genesis Church WordPress Theme

Robust in design and rejuvenating in display, Genesis Church is a great template for churches and religious organizations. It offers you a clean slate to create things as per your taste and requirements. The theme offers you swipe enabled sliders, social share links, gallery lightbox, responsive design, shortcodes, countdown widgets and lots more. It is very customizable and gives you lots of designing elements such as the color picker which you can use to set shades for background, header, menu, content, etc. With this WordPress theme by your side, you can easily manage your sermons, events, attendances, donations to get maximum mileage through the online medium.

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Belief – Cool & Classy WordPress Theme

Belief Charity WordPress Theme

Here is a cool and classy theme for churches that is very active in both departments – form, as well as functionality. Belief is super flexible, neat and widely accessible. The theme comes with multilingual support, social sharing, responsive design; all these three transmit your message to as many people as possible. You can use Belief’s drag and drop page builder to organize out content with supreme ease and according to your style. You can decide the layout; your users can rate, review and comment on the posts and do many more things.

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NativeChurch – WP Theme For Churches

NativeChurch WordPress Theme

Suitable for churches, non-profit organizations, religious groups and the like; NativeChurch is an exquisite theme with a heavy focus on performance and functionality. This theme is based on Twitter Bootstrap and comes with WooCommerce support, Contact Form 7 support, RevolutionSlider, Google Calendar Events, Audio/Video for sermons and many more features. All of them make site management convenient and work towards bringing in more people to your platform. You can have your say in the layout and functioning.

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Aid Reform – Fund And Donation WP Theme

Aid Reform Charity WordPress Theme

You will have a great time with this theme that goes by the name of Aid Reform. It is loaded with all the requisite features needed to make a strong pitch for donations and fundraising. PayPal makes donations secure and easy while easy and elegant showcase of events makes people take your words and causes seriously. The theme is loaded with the drag & drop page builder, RevolutionSlider, cause management, unlimited events, media gallery and many more features. It is a great WordPress theme to build your site with.

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Faith – Well-Organized WordPress Theme

Faith Charity WordPress Theme

This theme is a great platform to base your church/charity site on. Faith is very feature-rich and offers you the drag & drop page builder, translation readiness, manage sermons, manage events, media galleries and much more. You can create and customize it any way you like and give your site a beautiful finishing. The template is a nice blend of form and functionality with techniques such as HTML5 and CSS3 finding place inside it. Faith is fully capable of connecting with your followers and audience because the template is aligned with tools such as MailChimp and Contact Form 7.

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Alms – Minimalistic Church WP Template

Alms Charity WordPress Theme

This is a clean and simple church theme which avoids feature overload, but possesses every necessary attribute that is needed to mobilize people. Alms comes with a sermon manager, shortcode builder, WPML plugin, event calendar, WooCommerce readiness, boxed and wide layout and lot more. You will find it very simple to install and operate. It has been designed with your convenience and character in mind and; therefore, you could have a great time with it. You can concentrate your energy on your mission and rest assured the site will have its desired impact on visitors and followers.

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HeavensCorner – Church WordPress Theme

HeavensCorner Charity WordPress Theme

Here is a great church theme with awesome features loaded in its DNA to make your task easier and influential. HeavensCorner comes with event management, countdown timer, sermon management, lovely color schemes, prayer management, photo/video gallery, contact form builder with map, blog management and lots more. It gives you a free hand to design your site in your style and makes sure all types of viewers can access it on all types of browsers. The template is very supportive and offers you full documentation so that you can work with ease.

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House of Worship – Responsive WordPress Theme

House of Worship WordPress Theme

This WordPress theme offers you suitable design and functionality. House of Worship comes with a mobile friendly layout, admin options, shortcodes, user centric approach and many more attributes. It gives your sermons the best display with audio/video support and makes sure they reach out to various types of viewers and audience. The template is also easy to customize, and you can mold it in any style you want. It is very well-structured and probably suits any church site.

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