The internet has clearly changed the way people shop. Not only that online shopping has replaced regular shopping tours, people compare prices before spending their money expecting to save some bucks by doing so. Price comparing is easy, you just visit a price comparison website and find the best deal on the product/service you are looking for.

To run a price comparing website is simple, using WordPress, just install a suitable WordPress price comparison theme and get going. We have selected good-working, advanced and professional WordPress price comparison themes just below. You can create a comparison site for a particular kind of product or give a more generic approach to your site by including an array of products.

WordPress Price Comparison Themes


Compare WordPress Theme

Compare is an advanced and very flexible WordPress theme for price comparison websites. It is a highly customizable template that comes with full localization support to translate your website into any other prefered language. Compare WordPress Theme comes with optional slider feature to give you full control of what you want to feature on your homepage. You can enable social sharing to get your networking going and you may choose from different templates to change the overall look of your website. The set up is easy and you can start working right away. If you need more advanced comparison functionality, you can use a separate plugin as well.

Features & Demo

Price Compare

Price Compare WordPress Theme

Price Compare is a professional template to set up a price comparing website with ease. So if you prefer a modern and clean design or high-end functionality you will have it with this one. Price Compare offers a widgetized homepage to empower you, regardless of your skills, to arrange the website just the way you like it. This nice price comparing WordPress theme gives you furthermore the option of running a regular blog. You can change the overall look by selecting your most favorite styling.

Features & Demo

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