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5 Highly effective blog post types

According to Buzzsumo, 75% of articles and blog posts get fewer than 40 shares on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter; half of all content gets 8 or fewer shares. But some types of blog posts will get you more attention and a bigger audience than others, all things being roughly equal. Let’s take…

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The new trends for content marketing in 2017

The new year is already well underway, but is your content marketing plan keeping up? Nothing stays always the same — especially not on the web — so it’s imperative that you keep up with the evolving trends. It’s less than a month into 2017, but we can already see the broad strokes of how…

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Third-party publishing apps that work with WordPress

WordPress bloggers and site owners who are searching for new ways to work with content have a few options open to them — though not as many as one might want. In this post, we’ll take a look at several third-party publishing apps that publish to WordPress and that provide text editing interfaces you can…

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Feminine Website

How to launch a WordPress feminine blog with MH Magazine

Over the course of many weeks, we’ve been able to show you the wide variety of websites our MH Magazine WordPress theme can be used for, including technology and travel websites, sports websites with league tables, and food websites with enough flexibility to allow your website to stand out in a crowd. Today, using the…

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Travel Website with WordPress

How to launch a WordPress travel website with MH Magazine

Whether you’re living it up in a luxury beach resort, trekking through the deepest backwaters, or road tripping across a country, the opportunities and lessons that travelling provides you are often some of the most valuable. For most of us, however, travelling for 12 months a year isn’t as viable as we might like. For…

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