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If you are an avid blogger who often dabbles in web design, you can confidently tell one thing: “I’m selfish”. In fact, you can say that’s true of just about all people who design websites — be that for themselves or for others. In fact, they are – you are.

And here’s why: When you decide that you want to open the door on a little digital space called blog, you are full of excitement. You pick a name for your blog that you like. You pick a design for the blog that you like. It’s your decision to choose colors and fonts you like and want to use on your new digital space.

Website Layout
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And then, you will very likely write about topics that you like. See where this is going…? Designing your little digital haven can be a lot like furnishing your home. All the design and comforts are tailored to you — and no one else. So, your website is customized to fit you, to fit your taste and what you want to see.

There’s nothing wrong with this per se. It’s your blog and your idea so customize away. But ask yourself: What is the point of my blog? Is it to sit there and look pretty or is there a more beneficial goal to having it? If you want to make money with your blog (in one way or another) then customization is only one side of the coin. What’s the other…?

The key to the lock that’s been keeping your conversion goals out of reach

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Now you might probably be thinking: “Personalize? But I already did that. My site already has everything I like.” Okay, it has everything you want, but what about your potential customers? Customization is all up to you. But, personalization is all about the customer. Customers or at least readers is what you’ll need in order to run a successful online business. And if you can personalize your blog and tailor it to your customer then you’re going to see:

  • Increased engagement
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Overall increase of loyalty to your brand

Think someone is pulling your leg? Take a look at Brian Dean from Backlinko. He applied a type of personalization method to his site called a Content Upgrade and increased his conversion rate by 785% — in ONE day. Devesh Khanal on The Daily Egg did something similar and increased conversion by nearly 500%. Therein lies the hidden power of personalization of your content and website.

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Instead of focusing on what you like about your site, you turn the spotlight onto your potential clients and give them an experience that makes them want to come back. These two cases are examples of just one type of personalization that can help your website perform the way you really want it to, but the idea and action of personalization really doesn’t have to end there. There is so much more you can do to optimize the experience on your website.

No matter what kind of business you run, there are ways you can personalize the experience of a user browsing your website, while still helping to build your brand, gain their trust, and increase conversion or sales. Thankfully, WordPress makes personalizing the UX on your blog rather simple – through plugins for website personalization.

3 Web personalization plugins for WordPress

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There are a few plugins that you can use to personalize the experience on your site for visitors. Below are some free plugins for website personalization that are available in the official WordPress Plugin Directory:

Title Experiments Free

Ttitle Experiments Free
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You’ve likely read about the importance of A/B testing on your site. These split tests of page elements can do wonders for boosting opt-ins and sales. But design isn’t the only thing you can test. You can also split test your blog titles. The Titles Experiments Free plugin is one of the best ways to find and deliver your best converting title based on your visitors actions. If one post title does better than all the others (by receiving more clicks and traffic), then the plugin will start delivering the best performing one based on the masses overall preference.

inSite by Duda

inSite Duda
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We’ve all heard of IFTTT (If This Then That) — an automation software that reacts based on a certain trigger you put in place. Well, the inSite by Duda plugin is similar in concept except everything takes place right within your WordPress site. Using this plugin, you can set up a trigger that creates a change to your site based off your user’s actions, and thus, take the personal in personalize much further than the average plugin. For example, if someone comes to your blog for the first time, you can create an inSite that shows only first-time visitors a welcome message.

Then, you can create another inSite that displays a Facebook follow link/button only to people who have come to your site two or three times so you can grow your social following and create a loyal customer base. Using inSite, you can create a more unique experience for your visitors on a person-by-person case. Doing this not only will increase engagement, but can help skyrocket your conversion goals. It’s an ideal plugin for website personalization.

Sumo for WordPress

Sumo Plugin
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Last on our list is the Sumo plugin. This little gem has quite a few options when it comes to helping you personalize your UX. You can activate various apps within the plugin, like Heatmaps or Content Analytics, to track what your visitors click on and what is really drawing their attention or losing it. From there you can gauge what to change on your site to keep them on it longer, thus personalizing the browsing of your site so that it’s a pleasant experience.

Wrapping it up: Website personalization for more conversions

Website personalization is the path on which the world of the Internet is taking a permanent stroll. Customizing and enhancing your site based on your user’s actions and preference means a better experience for them. This, in turn, eventually leads to more conversion for you. What do you think? Have you experimented with personalized websites already? Did you see an increase in conversions? Please let us know your thoughts and feedback in the comments.

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