As WordPress has the ability to be used as a fully fledged Content Management System (CMS), rebranding the administration dashboard has been a relatively difficult task to tackle. Fortunately, there have been leaps and strides made by a variety of 3rd party plugins in recent years that enables you to completely rebrand a range of WordPress elements with comparative ease.

White Label Login
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This is great news for developers who build client sites. It’s even better news for clients wanting a comprehensive CMS with a customized finishing touch without having the bloat and expense of a dedicated CMS solution. WordPress’ extendability is simply too much to ignore as more people are ditching their sluggishly expensive CMS software year-upon-year.

WordPress is increasingly moving away from the Blogging Platform label it has carried around its neck for many years. More than 27% of all websites worldwide in 2016 have WordPress under the hood. This statistic speaks volumes. Let us take a peek at some of the best White Label WordPress plugins that you can use to completely rebrand your WordPress installation and admin dashboard:

White Label CMS (Free)

White Label CMS
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The White Label CMS plugin is a comprehensive offering that enables you to rebrand a wide-range of WordPress elements. By using a simplistic interface, you are able to modify multiple areas of the dashboard, including: Admin Bar, Dashboard Logo, Admin Footer, Login Page, Dashboard Widgets, Meta Boxes, Admin Menus. Being able to rebrand this many elements using just a single plugin is a great advantage for developers wanting to provide a more personalized back-end to their customers.

Admin Menu Editor (Free)

Admin Menu Editor
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The Admin Menu Editor plugin allows you to do precisely just that, edit your administration menus. However, this WordPress plugin truly does let you remove or modify every single menu item within your WordPress dashboard. Using a user-friendly interface, you can control the visibility of any menu item for all of your user roles with ease.

This plugin also offers you the ability to add new menu items to your dashboard, as well as being able to relocate existing menu items into the locations that you or your client prefer. Just drag the menu items into their new locations and hit the save button. You can completely customize and rebrand the entire WordPress administration menu system. Therefore, Admin Menu Editor is an essential white label plugin for WordPress.


Branda White Label Plugin WPMUDEV
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Branda is a fantastic plugin that allows you to rebrand a variety of WordPress admin elements. With the Branda plugin, you’re able to personalize a vast amount of dashboard information. Branda basically is an all-in-one white label plugin for your WordPress website. The Branda plugin is available to WPMUDev members, with monthly prices costing $49. This fee does grant access to a wide-range of other premium WordPress products too.

Conclusion: How to 100% white label WordPress

There are a handful of plugins for a white label WordPress dashboard available, both free and paid-for, that allow you to rebrand the WordPress administration area. The plugins listed in this article have been thoroughly tested to ensure they do what they claim to be able to do. WordPress Multisite users aren’t left out in the cold either, you can rebrand your entire network of sites just as easy as you can rebrand a simple WordPress blog or website.

Having the ability to completely personalize almost any area of the dashboard can be a great selling point when you’re approaching prospective clients. Clients don’t want a confusing administration panel. They’re likely to not care that their website is being powered by WordPress, nor would they like to see another company’s brand marks littered throughout their shiny new CMS.

Combining all 3 plugins together truly allows you to rebrand every element of your WordPress dashboard environment. This gives you the ability to impress your clients by offering a future-proof white label Content Management System they can be proud of. What do you think of these plugins to rebrand the WordPress dashboard? Do you have any questions about rebranding WordPress? Please let us know your feedback in the comments.

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