Galleries of images are engaging elements that can not only spice up any WordPress website, but also provide you with the ability to leave a lasting impression on your visitors. This is why it is of utmost importance that you choose the right image gallery tool for you and your site content.

Image Gallery WordPress
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Especially if your WordPress website heavily relies on images, image collections or image galleries, an unfavorable decision at this stage, might make the difference between your WordPress website being a success or a failure. Fortunately, WordPress and its comprehensive plugin directory come equipped with all the tools you’ll need to create visually appealing image galleries in no time at all.

By default WordPress offers an image gallery feature which allows you to create image galleries for your WordPress website out-of-the-box. However, this default image gallery feature is rather basic and doesn’t offer many features to create individual image galleries – so we listed some suitable plugins below.

Image Gallery Plugins

Within the WordPress plugin directory, there is an increasing number of image gallery plugins available. They are free of charge for use on your WordPress installation and some also offer premium versions. Let us explore several of these options that have been recently updated and are trusted by thousands of website owners, bloggers and WordPress admins all around the globe.

Photo Gallery (Free & Premium)

Gallery Plugin
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Photo Gallery is a comprehensive image gallery plugin. It gives you the ability to create as many image galleries as you require with the minimum of effort. The plugin, trusted by more than 300,000 users, utilises a simple interface that allows you to use a plethora of gallery options with ease. Upon creating a gallery, you are given an automatically generated shortcode. You can use this shortcode within any of your posts and pages, making it ideal for beginners to simply get going.

However, for some of you the free version might be quite limited with the type and style of gallery you’re able to create. Pro users are spoiled with a wide-range of gallery layouts and themes to choose from. Besides, you will get access to a variety of additional options including Lightbox integration, Masonry support, Filmstrip slideshows, Carousel galleries, plus much more.

The plugin also offers a handful of Pro add-on’s. They will further enhance the plugins functionality by integrating with the popular e-commerce solution WooCommerce as well as with Facebook. Prices for the Pro version of the plugin start from $30, with add-on’s available from $15.

NextGEN Gallery (Free & Premium)

NextGEN Gallery
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A long-term WordPress favourite is the NextGEN Gallery plugin. This WordPress image gallery plugin is as comprehensive as it has ever been with a stunning range of features and options available right out-of-the-box. NextGEN Gallery has over one million active installs and several hundreds of reviews.

Users of the free plugin are limited to just two main display styles via slideshows and grid-based thumbnail galleries. Pro users on the other hand can enjoy a host of additional options and gallery features. That includes 9 types of galleries, Lightbox integration, image commenting, and full e-commerce support. Prices for the premium version of this plugin start from $69.

Robo Gallery – Photo Gallery and Images Gallery (Free & Premium)

Robo Gallery Plugin
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Making an attractive gallery is easy with the Robo Gallery – Photo Gallery and Images Gallery plugin. It allows beginners and experienced users to implement responsive image galleries on their WordPress websites. The free version further offers to create up to 3 stylish grid-based galleries that are suitable for all modern web browsers and mobile devices.

A generous page of options is also included. Only a handful of those are being made available to Pro users exclusively, such as Lightbox integration, Gallery styles and Ordering options, as well as extended support and updates. There are 3 pro variations available with prices starting from $30.

Gallery Bank – Photo Galleries & Albums (Free & Premium)

Gallery Bank Plugin
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Gallery Bank – Photo Galleries & Albums is a comprehensive and easy-to-use image gallery plugin. It is suitable for beginners and advanced users alike. Users of the free version are able to quickly create up to 3 grid-based galleries for your image collection. Pro users are given access to additional options and a variety of layouts and effects to choose from. That allows you to create visually appealing galleries with the minimum of fuss.

There are a staggering 37 animation effects and 7 different Lightboxes bundled with the Pro plugin, with Masonry integration being offered to all users. The plugin makes use of a simple yet intuitive interface that all WordPress users will feel comfortable with using on a regular basis to administer the galleries. Pro users enjoy extended support and a wide-range of additional features from $26.

Gallery – Flagallery Photo Portfolio (Free & Premium)

Flagallery Plugin
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The Gallery – Flagallery Photo Portfolio plugin provides you with a way of implementing beautiful image galleries into your WordPress website with ease. The plugin offers a unique way of presenting your image galleries via a full-screen slideshow. It further enables you to create and add music and even video galleries with ease, all via the familiar WordPress interface.

Pro users of the Flagallery plugin can enjoy a wide-range of additional gallery Skins. They also allow you to create visually impressive and engaging galleries with ease. Premium variations of the plugin are available starting from $14.99.

Conclusion: Image Galleries in WordPress

In the past, WordPress admins really only had one choice when it came to implementing an attractive and functional image gallery into their website, the highly regarded NextGEN Gallery plugin. It was by-far the most attractive and comprehensive gallery plugin available for a number of years, quickly making it the industry-standard for all alternative image gallery plugins to look up to.

That has invariably changed with a wide-range of high-quality, functional image gallery plugins now being made available via the WordPress plugin directory. The choice is wide, but the quality is as good as it has ever been. And if you’re willing to spend a few dollars you can create extensive galleries that can leave that all-important lasting impression on your website visitors.