In our recent blog series discussing the wide variety of websites our MH Magazine theme can create, we’ve showed you how to build a food website with recipes and galleries and a news website with excellent editorial planning and reader polls. Today, using the built in features available to you when using the MH Magazine theme, we show you how to launch your very own lifestyle WordPress site.

Lifestyle blogs are an exciting mix of all things life. Food. Fashion. Health. Relationships. Careers. Living. Traveling. A lifestyle blog will often take these core focal points of life and discuss a handful or all of them, creating a niche the people they target. Food lovers, fashion queens and many others.

For example, a popular WordPress lifestyle website or blog talking about relationships and careers specifically for professional men, will differ in style, tone and content compared to a lifestyle blog discussing the same ideas but addressed to professional women, based on the views and challenges these different demographics experience.

It’s these broad topic choices coupled with their clear focus on a particular audience that ensures that WordPress lifestyle websites or blogs are able to set themselves apart from single subject websites and in doing so, reach out to and attract a wider audience interested in multiple topics.

Why is MH Magazine perfect for a lifestyle website?

The MH Magazine theme boasts a number of built in features that make it simple to setup your very own lifestyle website or blog while ensuring the site your readers come to love can easily compete with even the most popular lifestyle websites. Below, we’ve listed some of the best built in features available to you when you install MH Magazine and start your own WordPress lifestyle website.

Built in flexibility

MH Magazine’s built in flexibility means your lifestyle website, often a source of varied topics and vast discussion, can twist and turn as much as you and your readers life interests differ and change over time. With many different ways to display content, from sliders to news tickers to custom widgets, your website doesn’t have to look like any other lifestyle site and ensures the content your readers find interesting is right where and when they need it, displaying it in the way you imagined.

All too often WordPress site owners and bloggers have to change their business practices to work around the constraints of a theme. But with MH Magazine, it’s easy to enable and disable theme features, ensuring your site is unique to you and works perfectly for your needs. This should allow you to stick to your design plans since you know your theme will work with you, not against you.

Social media sharing

Articles within lifestyle websites or blogs often lend themselves to online discussion, social sharing and even going viral. It goes without saying in this social age, MH Magazine is social ready. It’s vital to ensure your writing is seen beyond your website in various social mediums (be it Facebook, Twitter or something else). Using the built-in social sharing buttons, you’ll be giving your content the very best chance of being consumed elsewhere for new readers and new potential subscribers.

Customizable design

Lifestyle websites or blogs are very often an excellent representation of the author and their life around them. This unique representation is often achieved through the tone of their copy. Hard hitting and straight to the point, or a blogger who poses more questions and food for thought rather than hard instruction are two very clear and opposite examples of tone. Conversational or professional is another example that you’re likely to see each day across a wide variety of sites.

However, expressing yourself as a writer or blogger doesn’t just have to be in your prose. With MH Magazine’s highly customizable design, ensuring the look and feel along with the tone of your writing precisely match your personality and the lifestyle you live is easy. But more importantly, ensuring this overall tone matches the personality of your readers is vital to converting those readers into subscribers. With the MH Magazine WordPress theme, it couldn’t be simpler.

With MH Magazine you can either display a logo, any custom header image or title and tagline. You can also select unlimited theme colors by using colorpickers and set up custom menus, with several theme menu slots to ensure you can direct your readers exactly where you want them with ease.

Monetization made easy

MH Magazine comes complete with built-in widget areas that you can use to display advertisements. Forget having to force adverts into a theme that wasn’t built for them. Forget ugly and intrusive advertising that gets in the way of what your readers want to do. With MH Magazine, you can easily monetize your website in subtle yet effective ways, pleasing you, your readers, and your advertisers.

Related articles

Operating a site with a focus across multiple topics, be it relationships, food, fashion or health, often means you build an audience with split interests. Some of your audience may only be interested in your relationship advice, while others may want to hear about both relationships and healthy living.

With MH Magazine, a related articles feature is built-in, allowing you to entice readers to read other related articles. Because you’re pushing this at the point of the user reading the article, you already know they’re interested in articles discussing this subject so you can rest assured you’re not pushing readers to articles that are of little interest to them, despite your wide variety of lifestyle subjects.

Wrapping up: MH Magazine for lifestyle websites and blogs

The MH Magazine WordPress theme, as you’d expect given the name, lends itself perfectly to operating as an e-magazine, especially one as flexible in niche as a lifestyle multi-topic blog.

By using MH Magazine’s built-in flexibility and control over look and feel, coupled with the ability to easily monetize your website or blog through on-page advertising, launching your own lifestyle WordPress magazine which reflects your personality and the life around you is simple. The theme will give you a professional lifestyle website with little effort, ensuring the blank canvas you fill with your words are housed safely in an environment your readers love to come back to every single day.