If you run a blog or a website based on WordPress, you probably know how hard it can be to find a suitable WordPress theme for your own project. There are thousands of WordPress themes available and every day theme developers from around the world are creating even more themes for WordPress. So how and where to find a suitable and well coded WordPress theme for free?

WordPress Theme Directory

If you are looking for a high quality and well coded free WordPress theme, the WordPress Themes Directory is the place to be. Themes in the WordPress Themes Directory are professionally reviewed before they are available for download. So if you download a theme there, you normally can be sure, that your WordPress theme is well coded, matches modern standards and is not infected with malware.

At the moment there are 1818 WordPress themes available in the WordPress Themes Directory. You can find almost everything there. Themes with a classic blog layout, magazine themes, newspaper themes, responsive themes and even WordPress themes with shopping functionality to run a ecommerce site.

Most popular themes in the WordPress Theme Directory

Due to the fact, that you have almost 2000 WordPress themes available in the WordPress Theme Directory, it is important to filter with your own criterias to find a suitable WordPress theme for your individual project. So first you have to think about of what you want to achieve with your project and what kind of theme would be suitable. To get some inspiration, you can browse throught the “Most Popular” WordPress themes in the directory. It always makes sense to have a look at the most popular WordPress themes anyway, because those themes have already a large user base, are normally working without issues and in most of the cases there is professional support provided too.

MH Magazine lite as one of the most popular themes

7 days ago we uploaded the free version of MH Magazine WordPress theme to the WordPress Themes Directory and we are very proud, that MH Magazine lite has already been downloaded more than 4500 times and at the moment the theme is rated 5/5 stars and is even on position 15 of the most popular WordPress themes in the WordPress Themes Directory. This is very good news and helps to increase our user base and supports the future theme development.

MH Magazine Most Popular
MH Magazine lite as one of the most popular WordPress Themes (Image: Screenshot)

MH Magazine lite in the WordPress Themes Directory:

MH Magazine lite is available on our website too:

If you like MH Magazine lite, please don’t forget to rate the theme in the WordPress Themes Directory. MH Magazine lite WordPress Theme is very suitable for a personal blog or a small online magazine. If you want to have more professional options and features to customize your website, you can always upgrade to the premium and more professional version: MH Magazine WordPress Theme.

Not all themes are good and some are even dangerous

As already mentioned, if you download free WordPress themes from the WordPress Themes Directory, you can be sure that they are well coded and do not harm your WordPress installation. But some people do not find a suitable theme in the directory and are looking for free WordPress themes on other websites. If you do so, please make sure you download only WordPress themes from trustable websites and theme shops.

You should never download WordPress themes from not trustable file sharing platforms or similar. Some websites do also offer premium WordPress themes for free, where you usually have to pay for. Be aware, that you usually don’t get support from the theme developer if there are any issues with the theme, if you have downloaded your premium WordPress theme like this.

But there is another problem, these free premium WordPress themes are often modified and sometimes contain even malware to infect your computer or the computers of your vistors. So you have to be very careful and you should know what you are doing, if you download free premium WordPress themes from not trustable websites. Such themes are often marked with the appendix “nulled” after the theme name, e.g. MH Magazine nulled.

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