Who does not love discounts? Most of us do and if we can find lots of them on a single platform, we probably would keep coming. The days of cutting out coupons from a newspaper or magazine publication with a pair of scissors are long gone. The good news is that such platforms are available in very large numbers. If you want, you can even launch your very own coupon website as well.

WordPress Coupon Themes
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Coupon usage amongst our digitally crazed world of online shoppers is skyrocketing, with consumers saving billions of dollars per year. According to industry statistics this trend looks likely to continue as there is no foreseeable slowing of shopping online. Using WordPress as CMS, and a high-end premium WordPress theme, you can capitalize on this growing trend.

Make use of a range of premium features and custom elements to create visually engaging coupon & daily deals websites that can rake in huge profits and affiliate commissions. To create an appealing and attractive website offering daily deals, discounts, promotions, vouchers and many more, we have collected in this article some of the most popular WordPress coupon themes that cater to the needs of various types of coupon sites.

Stand out from the crowd with your coupon website

Stand out
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Making use of a high-end premium theme for your WordPress coupon website brings with it a variety of benefits. It’s crucial that you explore all of the premium features offered by your chosen WordPress theme. It could make all the difference if you make the most of what’s available to you.

Premium WordPress themes typically look great. They’re polished to professional standards and provide you with a beautiful platform to launch your coupons website. Providing your visitors with a design that is easy-on-the-eye could encourage them to stay for longer. This could dramatically increase your chances of making sales commissions and lead to better conversion rates.

Premium WordPress themes in general usually come bundled with a variety of premium plugins and 3rd party scripts too. Making use of such premium additions can enhance your coupon & deals website even further. Make use of advanced filters, search functionality or else.

Provide a hassle-free experience

Directory Listings WordPress Themes
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Ensuring your visitors have an enjoyable stay when visiting your website is of paramount importance. It’s equally important to ensure that each visitor has a hassle-free experience too. Browser and mobile device compatibility is key to your coupon websites’ success.

You certainly don’t want to be excluding a portion of your visitors simply because of the device or desktop browser they may be using. Premium WordPress themes are typically fine tuned to look amazing on all of today’s modern desktop browsers, and mobile devices alike.

Express your creativity

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Having the ability to completely customize almost every element of your chosen premium WordPress theme can be a huge benefit. Making use of integrated features found in most premium WordPress themes can help you create visually appealing home & content pages with no prior knowledge or coding experience required.

Custom page templates enable you to create engaging pages for your visitors that are more unique and fine tuned to your requirements. Modifying your color scheme is also a great way of personalizing your coupon websites. Using an easy-to-use interface allowing for unlimited colors, you’re able to refine the themes’ appearance with just a few mouse-clicks.

Best Coupon WordPress themes


Daily Deals Marketplace Theme
The Kupon WordPress theme is the perfect choice if you're looking for a professional-grade template for your coupon & deals website. A wide-range of high-end features come bundled with this WordPress theme that are designed to help you get the most out of your coupon & deals website and leave a lasting impression on your visitors. The Kupon theme makes it easy for you to create incredible looking coupon websites with the minimum of effort. Using an intuitive drag & drop interface, you're able to fine tune every page of your coupon & deals website.


Price Comparison Theme
Create a wide-range of stunning coupon & deals websites with the flexible ReHub multi-purpose & price comparison theme for WordPress. This awesome coupon WordPress theme provides you with all the tools you are likely to ever need. A variety of top-class features and useful plugin integrations makes this a stunning WordPress theme that allows the creation of impressive daily deals websites a cinch. Enhanced affiliate marketplace support for several affiliate networks comes as standard, helping you reach and exceed your affiliate earning goals.


Coupons WordPress Theme
The CouponHut WordPress theme is a comprehensive template to create a high-end coupon & deals website. Bundled with a wide-range of custom page templates and custom widgets, you can arrange your website in any way you like. Truly engage with your visitors by using any of the premium-grade features that come with the CouponHut theme. You can also use a series of shortcodes that come pre-loaded allowing you to insert a variety of elements into your content to make your daily deals website even more unique and personalized.


Coupons / Promo WordPress Theme
This WordPress coupon theme is very modern and brings you the best features that are needed to build a modern site for promoting coupons and discounts. Couponize is compatible with the latest version of WordPress as well as with most used browsers. Couponize is also fully responsive and thus, loads nicely on all viewing devices and gives you maximum exposure to reach out to potential customers. This coupon WordPress theme is quite popular and has been sold many times.


Coupons & Discounts WordPress Theme
Couponer is a responsive and retina-ready WordPress theme for discounts, daily offers or coupons. This premium coupon WordPress theme is based on Bootstrap and comes with powerful features. Benefit from the powerful membership system to manage your customers in a professional way.</p> <p>Couponer comes with MailChimp integration, daily offers with time counting, WPML support and unlimited color options. You may submit discounts and coupons and categorize coupons for better search options. This coupon WordPress theme comes furthermore in a clean and modern design and provides a professional and appealing appearance. In terms of customization you have a wide range of great possibilities to configure your website as you prefer.

Daily Deal

Coupons Management WordPress Theme
Here is another wonderful WordPress coupon theme through which you can create your own deals and also enlist discounts and coupons from other companies and brands. Daily Deal lets you manage and moderate everything from the backend in an easy and simple way. The theme carries a user-friendly interface through which you can control everything. It is also responsive and thus, adapts beautifully on different viewing devices - be it smartphones, tablets or desktops/laptops.


Powerful WordPress Theme
Deals is a highly modern and very friendly looking coupon theme for WordPress websites. Deals Coupon WP Theme supports you in earning affiliate commission in various different ways. The wonderful monetizing features such as coupons, vouchers, promotions, etc. give you many options to turn discounts and coupons of companies and brands into a source of income. The theme is very flexible and adjusts well on all screen size resolutions. Deals also comes with free lifetime support to help with theme issues.


Deals WordPress Theme
Start your own professional-grade coupon & deals website using the awesome CouponXL theme for WordPress. With no prior experience or knowledge required, you can offer your visitors a visually appealing environment that is both functional and tremendously engaging. Gain an immediate advantage over your competitors by making use of the premium features CouponXL comes loaded with as standard. An exceptional offering that looks fantastic on all major modern desktop browsers and mobile devices alike allowing you to extend the reach of your daily deals website.


Affiliate WordPress Theme
The Doo theme for WordPress is a great template if you want to launch a first-class coupon & deals website. Being able to allow your visitors to find exactly what they're looking for in a fast and efficient manner is a great advantage to hold over your competitors.</p> <p>Make use of the wide-range of premium features the theme comes supplied with to help increase your visitors user experience, as well as your commission earnings! Incredibly customizable via a user-friendly drag & drop interface, the Doo theme gives you the ability to create unique and functional pages that your visitors will enjoy visiting time after time.


Coupon Codes & Affiliates Theme
Using WordPress to create a high-end professional coupon & deals website has never been easier thanks to the Comre theme. Packaged with a comprehensive theme options panel as standard, you're able to create engaging pages that are fine tuned to your requirements with ease.</p> <p>This awesome coupon theme also comes with WooCommerce support and includes the ever-impressive Visual Composer plugin out-of-the-box. Comre is a well-rounded WordPress theme that will leave a positive lasting impression on your visitors. Offering your visitors a high quality user experience is a must no matter which modern web browser or mobile device they may be using.


Discounts WordPress Theme
Launch professional-looking coupons & deals websites with ease with the impressive CouponXXL theme for WordPress. Using a variety of premium integrations including support for various payment processors, account variations, and enhanced voucher options, you can provide your visitors with an engaging and functional coupon website.</p> <p>Ensuring your visitors are catered for regardless of which device or desktop browser they may be using is pivotal if you are to provide a stable and enjoyable user experience. The CouponXXL WordPress theme can elevate your website above and beyond the competition with no coding experience required.

Conclusion: Coupons & Deals WordPress Themes

Using a high-end premium WordPress theme for your coupons & deals project is a bit of a no-brainer. Appearance’s aside for a moment, offering your visitors a perfectly functional website that allows them to use premium-grade enhanced search & filter functionality to help them find the coupons and discounts they’re looking for quickly is a great advantage to hold over your competitors.

Front-end submissions & forms, user account variations, and advanced coupon options are more high-end features that you’ll find in the very best of premium WordPress themes. Give confidence to your visitors that they’re using a reputable service for their next coupon-based purchase.

Using a premium coupon theme can add a truly professional feel to your WordPress website, giving your visitors a great user experience and improving your chances of generating the all-important affiliate commission. Which one of the mentioned coupon WordPress themes do you like most?

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