Wiremo is a customer review application built for a variety of different platforms and content management systems, including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Wix, Squarespace and Weebly. It allows you to add customer reviews to any page, and you can even take advantage of the powerful features built into the Wiremo dashboard. We’re going to focus on this plugin’s benefits for WooCommerce and WordPress in general as well as its most important features in this review.

Overview of Wiremo


Wiremo comes with two ways to use reviews when it comes to WordPress. You can either use it to replace the native comments within WooCommerce or use it to add a widget to any text editor (even the ones in sidebars) so customers can leave reviews anywhere on your site. You can view a demo of this on Wiremo’s own website.

You may find yourself wondering why you’d want to replace the native reviews in WooCommerce in the first place. The answer is that it uses a dashboard that comes with a number of different powerful features that allow you to change the way you handle this aspect of customer service. You can see a bit of this in the Wiremo dashboard.

Wiremo Dashboard

The most interesting features are Campaign List, Segments and Triggers. We’ll talk more about each one of these in a bit, but I just wanted to touch base on them in the overview as they allow you to use strategic marketing tactics that can increase the amount of reviews and sales your business receives.

The Segments and Campaigns features go hand in hand. You can group your customers into segments based on a variety of different factors, such as an individual product they bought. Therefore, you can then use this segment to create what’s known as a campaign, which is the term Wiremo uses to refer to review requests.

How do triggers factor into this? Well, they’re automations you can set up using a simple “if this, then that” formula. For example, a default trigger Wiremo has set up for you is an automation that sends customers a Thank You message when they leave five-star reviews.

Features of Wiremo

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Let’s go over Wiremo’s other features:


The Customization tab allows you to customize a variety of different aspects of your widget, specifically its content…

Wiremo Customization Widget Content

…and style.

Wiremo Customziation Widget Style

Other style settings not shown in the screenshot above are your typical button and color settings.

Social Login

There are four ways users can log in to leave reviews on your site.

Wiremo Social Login


Wiremo comes with multiple reporting features. The Dashboard, for instance, gives you a breakdown of your reviews, including the average review score left on your site as well as the total number of reviews left on your site. This is how that looks like:

Wiremo Reports

You can also view statistics of your campaign. Here’s a test campaign I created. You can see it gives you an open rate percentage and gives you breakdown of the total number of opens, clicks, bounces, conversions and unsubscribes the email received.

Wiremo Campaign Statistics

Let’s get into how it feels to actually use this application.

Getting started with Wiremo

Wiremo comes with a variety of different wonderful features, but using it is just as fantastic. The interface is highly intuitive. Even the average business owner can pick it up and start using it with ease. You start off by creating a free account with Wiremo. We’ll talk about pricing in a bit, though every account comes with a free, 14-day trial. Once you create your account, you can go to the Install tab in the dashboard. This page gives you a bit of a guide on how to connect Wiremo to your site.

Wiremo Dashboard Install Tab

You start by entering the URL for your site in the first step and clicking Submit to verify your site. Wiremo has instructions on how to add its widget to different platforms, which you can view here. The WordPress instructions tell you to add the code in the second step to the individual page you want to use the widget on by pasting it in the HTML editor.

Wiremo Code

That code should stay at the top of the page when you start adding content to it. When you’re ready to add the widget, use the little code snippet in the third step.

Add Wiremo Widget

Here’s an example of how the review application could look like on your site:

Wiremo Example

That’s pretty much all you need to know to add a widget to your site.

Installing & setting up the Wiremo WordPress plugin

Wiremo has a WordPress plugin you can use if your intention for using it is to enhance the way you receive and handle WooCommerce reviews on your site. Therefore, all you need to do is search for Wiremo on the Add New Plugin page, install it, and activate it.

Wiremo WordPress Plugin

You need to navigate to the new Wiremo section of the admin menu and connect your account after that.

Connect Wiremo Account

This reveals a variety of different settings.

Wiremo WordPress Plugin Settings

To replace WooCommerce’s native comments with Wiremo’s comments without losing your current comments, you need to tick the box for Disable WooCommerce Native Reviews as well as the Enable Wiremo Reviews box, and click Sync Wiremo with WordPress. The Export WooCommerce Reviews to Wiremo allows you to view these reviews in the reports on your Wiremo dashboard. The other settings are quite self-explanatory.

Using Wiremo

Business Value
Image Source: geralt – Pixabay.com / License: CC0 Public Domain

Campaigns, Segments and Triggers. These are the most powerful features of the Wiremo dashboard. The way you handle reviews with Wiremo is simple. It more or less works like this:

  1. Generate revenue for your store.
  2. Gather customer data, particularly their email addresses.
  3. Use this data to create segments of your customers in a variety of different ways.
    • Customers who have purchased specific products.
    • Customers who have left low-star reviews.
    • Customers who have used your service but haven’t left reviews, yet.
  4. Use one of your segments to create a campaign email to send to your customers to encourage them to leave a review.
  5. Set up automation triggers to thank customers, ask them why they left low-star reviews, etc.


Creating segments is easy, but finding the data you need for each segment can be difficult. There’s no native way to single out which customers bought which products by default, not in WooCommerce or Wiremo. You can, however, use a free plugin called Product Customer List for WooCommerce. When you activate this plugin, you’ll see a list of customers who have purchased this product at the bottom of the page. Furthermore, you can even export it to a CSV file.

Product Customer List WooCommerce

Once you have the list you want to create, all you need to do is go to the Segments section of the Wiremo dashboard, click New Segment, give your segment a name, and add your customers (called “clients” in Wiremo) to it manually or via CSV. You can even match the fields your CSV file uses with the fields Wiremo uses.

Wiremo Upload Customers CSV File

Adding customers manually is simple as well.

Wiremo Add Manual Client

Once your list is complete, you can create a campaign.


Campaigns are simple to create. You start off with a finished template. All you need to do is add your own content, or change the content that already exists.

Wiremo Campaign

Set up a few automation triggers based on the actions your customers take after that.


Here are the default triggers Wiremo comes with.

Wiremo Triggers

You can turn these triggers on by clicking the Status switch. Here’s a look inside one of these triggers.

Wiremo Thank You Trigger

When a user takes an action, such as leaving a five-star review, you can have a pop-up display that contains a short message and an optional call to action (or a few), or you can start what Wiremo has named “conversations”. You can use these to begin engaging one-on-one with customers who leave low-star reviews. Let’s wrap up this review by talking about pricing and support.

Final thoughts of this Wiremo review

Wiremo is a wonderful application that’s easy to use. It’s free, and the Advanced version, available for $9.99 / month, comes with a 14-day free trial.

Wiremo Pricing

There are a few things I felt were missing from the application, such as the ability to use the Wiremo dashboard in WordPress as well as the ability to import customers directly from WooCommerce without having to rely on third-party plugins. It’d be a bonus if the developers added the ability to segment WooCommerce customers by different data points, such as the products they’ve purchased.

One last thing, the Support section of Wiremo’s website, particularly the documentation, is pretty light. This is because they added articles that teach you how to use key features of the application to a category called “support” in their blog rather than creating a proper knowledge base for these tutorials. Hopefully they’ll fix that in the future, but for now, be sure to look through their blog if you need specific instructions on how to use different components.

All of these cons are nitpicking, fortunately. Wiremo is an amazing application that jam packs a lot of powerful features in a simple design. I highly encourage you to check them out.

Disclosure: This plugin review has been sponsored by Wiremo. The statements and opinions are our own.

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