WordPress gives you the opportunity to run a website in nearly any language you like and thus is the favored and most popular content management system for bloggers and webmasters all over the world. In case you are planning to create a WordPress site in arabic, english or chinese language, with a suitable WordPress theme, your website will work well with the language of your choice. That is also the case with hebrew language and script given that you have a WordPress theme for hebrew language, typography and proper RTL (Right-To-Left) language support.

Hebrew Language
Image Source: Farrokh Bulsara – Pixabay.com / License: CC0 Public Domain

MH Magazine WordPress Theme – Supports Hebrew Language as well

The very popular and reliable MH Magazine WordPress theme is a high-quality template for editorial web projects, online magazines, news websites or advanced blogs from all kinds of content genres. MH Magazine is also optimized for RTL languages, like the hebrew language, which means that you can run your website flawlessly in hebrew language and the according hebrew typography. This dynamic and very flexible magazine WordPress theme provides RTL support out of the box and thus lets you create well-organized and professional websites.

MH Magazine WordPress Theme

MH Magazine offers a fully responsive layout in both LTR (Left-To-Right) and RTL (Right-To-Left) format which will present your content in a neat and clean way on all kinds of screen size resolutions. Thanks to its support of Right-To-Left languages the overall layout of your website and relevant site elements are mirror inverted in order for a website to work well with hebrew language. MH Magazine was created with proper support for hebrew language and typography in mind.

Choosing a suitable Font for WordPress Websites in Hebrew

MH Magazine WordPress Theme comes already with a bunch of the most popular Google Webfonts, including the fonts that are optimized for the hebrew character set. In order for your content to look as expected when you are running a website in hebrew language, you can select a font which suits your taste – here are some examples for hebrew language fonts: Arimo, Tinos, Alef, Cousine.

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