A few months ago we released a major update for MH Magazine where we had recoded large parts of the theme to meet latest standards and make the theme ready for further development. We’re now happy to announce that MH Magazine v3.2.0 (see changelog) is available which includes some pretty nice improvements to offer even more flexibility for your editorial websites.

MH Magazine Variations

New custom widgets for unique layouts

Among several improvements and design adjustments, the new version of MH Magazine includes 6 brand-new custom widgets that offer additional layout variations for your widgetized front page. We’ve not only included some new widgets to display your content prominently in various ways, but there also is a new additional widget to display columns with posts from specific categories which looks neat and is perfectly suitable to create even more unique front pages.

MH Magazine Demo 12

New options to select header content

Previously it was possible to display navigation and social icons above your header as well as news ticker and search field below your header. We’ve now added options to provide more flexibility regarding the content within the header bars. It’s now possible to display for example news ticker or search field in the top header bar, change the position of the additional navigation menu or disable these elements as you like. In addition we’ve added the possibility to display the current date in the header which also was a regular request by our users.

More awesome theme demos

To show what is possible with MH Magazine, we’ve created a bunch of additional theme demos that give an impression of what you can achieve while using the layout options and flexible custom widgets of MH Magazine WordPress theme. The new demos have different topics to cover some niches like travel, food, sports, music or else and should give you a pretty good idea of how you could configure your theme to achieve your goals.

MH Magazine Demo 5

We also have extended the theme documentation with the settings and widget placements of these new demos so that you can easily replicate your favorite demo with a few clicks in your WordPress dashboard. And as always, in case you want to start a new website and don’t have the time to install and configure the theme by yourself, we still offer our installation service. We noticed that this service comes quite handy for some people and we’re getting great feedback regarding this service on a regular basis. So if you want to have a layout like one of the demos without doing it by yourself, you can simply order the installation service and our staff will configure your site within 24-48 hours.

Special offer for existing customers and availability

The new version of MH Magazine is already available for download through your MH Themes account. In addition we have a special offer for users who haven’t purchased MH Magazine yet, but have purchased a different WordPress theme by MH Themes in the past. If you’ve purchased a different theme previously and would like to start using MH Magazine instead, you can contact us and we’ll be more than happy to provide 25% discount for your additional purchase. This offer is valid until March 31st, 2016.