Have you ever thought of creating your own website about lifestyle, fashion, beauty, cooking, living, interior design or any hobby or passion of yours? Not just a simple blog, but a more sophisticated and fancy online magazine with awesome and fresh content, some ads to gain a little extra money, maybe several authors and further features to easily share your articles in social communities on the web. MH Magazine WordPress Theme is ideal to setup such a lifestyle online magazine.

Creating fancy and beautiful online magazines like a pro is possible today when it is tackled properly.

Anyone can run a Website

Running and maintaining a website today is easier than it has ever been before. All things that are required for running a website like hosting, platform, domain name, can be arranged within a few steps and this process has become more and more user-friendly over the years. So you do not necessarily have to be very tech savvy in order to have your own website up and running.

Going with WordPress is an excellent choice and lets you create a unique online presence with ease. WordPress is a simple and user-friendly content management system and predestined to create your lifestyle online magazine with. A helpful, constantly growing and lively WordPress community with regular meet-ups all over the world is a great inspiration and dedicated to support newbies and pros.

WordPress Platform
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Lifestyle Online Magazine Feature Toolkit

MH Magazine WordPress Theme provides all those features you need for a lifestyle online magazine. With MH Magazine you will have all the freedom to customize colors and select fonts, present articles, images or videos nicely and create an appealing, attractive and well organized “magazine-like” front page via awesome integrated custom widgets which you may arrange according to your liking with simply a few clicks in the WordPress dashboard.

Apart from that, your website should be accessible through mobile devices and optimized for search engines like Google for better rankings – and that’s what MH Magazine offers – 100% responsiveness and SEO optimization to satisfy both – you and your regular readers and visitors.

MH Magazine WordPress Theme

For a lifestyle or fashion online magazine, images are of great importance and should be presented accordingly. With MH Magazine the handling of images is well-organized and you may display them through many different and beautiful ways, for example in a large or small slider, in articles on sidebars as a teaser or well-thought-out on your front page. When it comes to an appealing presentation of your website, MH Magazine offers to set a full background image, full-width header image or upload a nice logo.

MH Magazine Top Features at One Glance

  • Widgetized Homepage Template to create a “magazine-like” front page
  • Several Layout Options for site elements (archives, widget titles and more…)
  • Customizing Colors & Typography to create a unique online magazine
  • Background, Logo, full-width Header Image upload or displaying site title
  • Ad & Banner Placement on front page, sidebar, pages and posts
  • SEO Optimization for better rankings in search engines like Google
  • 100% Responsive for all kind of screen size resolutions
  • … and many more

See what’s possible with MH Magazine!

MH Magazine WordPress Theme

MH Magazine is a very flexible and sophisticated magazine theme for WordPress websites which is ideal to create a lifestyle online magazine with. MH Magazine can be customized in various different ways and will provide you with many helpful features. At the same time this magazine template is user-friendly and lets you tweak your website easily. Whatever online project you might have in mind, be it about lifestyle, fashion, beauty, cooking, living, interior design or any hobby or passion of yours – with MH Magazine you can complete and improve your website to its very best.

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