PHP URL Shortener scripts allow you to create your own URL shortening service. URL shortening is a technique used to reduce the amount of characters in any URL. Some blog posts, store products, and other URLs may contain multiple variables which aren’t aesthetically pleasing. They are difficult to remember which makes it very hard for users to type into their browser. Therefore, a solution many developers and website owners decide to use is a URL shortening service.

The first URL shortening service to make ripples on a worldwide scale was, launching in 2002. By the turn of the decade was the choice of the internet. Popular social media giants like Twitter made use of the service to shorten links within tweets. This was a move away from the shortening service. At the same time, it was the beginning of the end for the long-time URL shortening service.

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Today, there are several reliable URL shortening services. These services allow you to easily shorten, customize, modify or organize, your URLs using an intuitive user-interface and archival system.,, and are all popular URL shorteners and in regular use by millions of users.

As URL shortening became more necessary, more websites began creating their own branded URL shortening services. Therefore their users could easily share a variety of products, media, articles, and services across a whole host of social media outlets. Here are just some examples of URL shortening by some of today’s biggest names on the internet.

  • (WordPress)
  • (Google)
  • (Twitter)
  • (Amazon)
  • (YouTube)

Monetizing Short URLs

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Another common URL shortening trend is to monetize the shortened links. You can for example display advertising before leading to the original destination URL. Generating an online income from links that are aesthetically pleasing, memorable, typeable, trackable, and customizable, is made easy by services such as Although controversial, interstitial advertising is a simple way for people to earn money for generating clicks on their shortened URL, with payments being calculated typically per 1,000 clicks or based on impressions.

A variety of alternatives are also available. Each of them offers varying terms and rates., LinkShrink,, and all offer a comprehensive service allowing you to generate cash from clicks. They also come with lots of statistical and tracking data via modern, clean interfaces. however, remains the dominant force in the world of short URL monetization.

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Creating your own URL shortening service is made easy. Simply use a suitable script that you can install on your web server or hosting space. Perhaps you want to join the big boys by creating your own brandable URL shortener for your business, service, or product? Just make use of one of the high-end URL shortening scripts below and you can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

They provide easy to use interfaces and a simplified analytical system with integrated social media sharing. This means, that people of all skill levels are able to implement a custom URL shortening service, beginners and advanced users alike.

PHP URL shortener scripts

AAWP for short Amazon Affiliate Links

The WordPress plugin AAWP (Amazon Affiliate for WordPress) allows you to shorten Amazon affiliate URLs. This is especially important and interesting if you run Amazon affiliate marketing on your website, i.e. if you sell Amazon products via your website. The advantage here is that, once configured, the URLs are all automatically changed to short, easy to read links. You don't have to think about it anymore! Since AAWP is a very comprehensive plugin for promoting Amazon products on websites, you can also use this free feature for your website with the free WordPress plugin Link Shortener for AMZN. Here you get only the feautre for shortened URLS. Download it here for free:

URL Shortener

The URL Shortener script is an advanced URL shortener. It allows your users to quickly create recognizable, shortened URLs via an easy-on-the-eye interface. Social media sharing, advanced search capabilities, front-end URL statistics, and QR-code export functionality is also provided to give additional features for your visitors to make use of.</p> <p>Easily take control of your shortened URLs via the user-friendly administration panel. You can also customize a wide-range of options to suit your specific needs. A simple translation option can also be found within the admin panel. This option allows you to completely translate the entire script in a matter of moments - no previous coding knowledge required!

Premium URL Shortener

The Premium URL Shortener is a comprehensive and sociable URL shortening script. It is jam-packed with high-end, premium features. This service offers various Content Management System (CMS) functions, such as URL bookmarking system, GeoTargeting capabilities, and even a Premium Membership option. The Premium URL Shortener script certainly lives up to its name.</p> <p>Via a modern admin interface, you can manage your shortened URLs, create content pages, and view site statistics. You can further export URLs, manage users, or manage payments. You can even connect with your media channels - no prior coding experience required.

Advanced PHP URL Shortener

The Advanced PHP URL Shortener script is a comprehensive offering that allows your users to create unlimited shortened URLs via a simple-to-use user-interface. Several premium features come bundled with the script, enabling you to create a professional URL shortening service.</p> <p>URL stat counters, advertisement placements, social sharing capabilities, cross-browser and mobile device compatible, and a useful JSON API for developers wanting to hook up to your service. This script offers a sleek metro style design, and an intuitive administration panel. The Advanced PHP URL Shortener is a cool script that makes URL creation easy.

URL Shortener

URL Shortener is a powerful URL shortening script that is easy-to-use for you and your users alike. The script offers an attractive environment to create an unlimited amount of short URLs. You may also view recent site statistics, that look great on all modern browsers and mobile devices.</p> <p>The provided administration panel is a joy to use, offering you a wide-range of statistics, script options, and other relevant data using a modern, clean interface. Easily add new pages and links in your main menu directly from the admin panel, absolutely no coding required.

URL Shortener Script with Statistics

Easily create your very own competitor to the likes of and by using the URL Shortener Script with Statistics. It is perfectly integrated with the Google Shortener API and provides you with a professional URL shortening service with zero coding experience or knowledge required.</p> <p>The script comes with a variety of premium features. These features include custom URL aliases, AJAX-powered results, GeoLocation world map, or advanced statistics. You can also benefit from QR-code compatibility, Google AdSense ready, and a useful JSON API for developers. Cross-browser and mobile device compatibility is assured using a custom, responsive framework that performs well no matter which device is being used.

Simple Clipboarder with URL Shortener Service

The Simple Clipboarder with URL Shortener Service script is a multilingual, online clipboard service allowing its users to share an unlimited amount of texts and shortened URLs. The script comes loaded with many premium features. These include unlimited text and URL creation, URL shortener, Badwords list, QR-code functionality, syntax highlighting, social media sharing capabilities, and a wide-range of Bootstrap templates that are ready for you to use.</p> <p>Simple Clipboarder with URL Shortener Service also offers complete compatibility with most modern browsers and mobile devices alike. Multi-language capabilities with a front-end language switcher and both English and German languages also coming provided out-of-the-box.

QR Codes Ultimate Generator

The QR Codes Ultimate Generator script is a powerful utility that enables you and your users to easily create an unlimited amount of QR code images and URLs. A wide variety of QR code types are fully supported, including links, phone numbers, email messages, vCard data, and geographic data.</p> <p>Via a user-friendly interface, your users can create their own QR codes with ease, with the ability to download the image in a size of your choosing. A handy URL shortener is also bundled with the script. It provides additional functionality to what is already a useful tool.


QuickLinks allows your users to create any number of QR code images and links. Using a simple interface, you can organize and modify your QR code archive with ease. It comes integrated with relevant APIs from Google. You're therefore able to get up and running in a matter of moments. A handy URL shortening service, and full Google Charts API integration are also available to create a comprehensive QR code and URL shortening services with no coding skills required.

Curly URL Shortener

The Curly URL Shortener is a simple URL shortening script that is easy-to-use for both its users and administrators alike. A clean, modern admin interface comes provided allowing you to organize and manage your shortened URLs, site users, links, and even advertisements on a daily basis with ease. Supporting multiple languages and custom themes, the Curly URL Shortener is a reliable script that you'll find to be a breeze to use.

No-Mouse URL Shortener with API & Bookmarklet

The No-Mouse URL Shortener with API and Bookmarklet script is a simple, yet powerful URL shortening script. It doesn't even require the use of a mouse to operate. Using standardized shortcuts, you're able to create and organize your shortened URLs with ease. A beautiful UI and instant-loading HTML5 storage, provides your users with a unique, and hassle-free user-experience.

PHP Plugin

The PHP Plugin interacts directly with the and APIs. This allows you to easily create a shortened URL within your own website or application. As it's connected directly to the API, you can also retrieve a handy click count statistic that counts how many times your shortened link has been clicked. A useful decoder is also included and will instantly reveal the real destination URL of any URL, along with a QR code generator for users on mobile devices.

SM Short URL Script with Admin Panel

The SM Short URL Script with Admin Panel is a feature-packed URL shortening service that is database-driven and comes with many high-end features. Make use of the simple admin interface to organize your shortened URLs with ease. Further choose from a range of pre-styled skins. Furthermore this script comes with jQuery transitions, auto link copy functionality, social media sharing capabilities, invalid link detection, API support for developers, and a live thumbnail preview.

URL Uncover Pro

The URL Uncover Pro script is an impressive tool that allows you to uncover the hidden destination URL of all major URL shorteners. Using a simple interface, you can discover the hidden destination of any shortened URL from a variety of URL shortener services.</p> <p>URL Uncover Pro will also display additional information about the real destination URL, such as meta title, meta description, keywords, and a trust level. You also get an up-to-date screenshot, allowing you to judge whether the shortened link is to be trusted or not. Over 100 URL shortening services are supported, including the popular,, and, to name but a few.

Conclusion: Powerful PHP URL shortener scripts

Do you want to create a brandable URL shortener for your business? Or, do you want to provide a custom URL shortening service to your users? One of the above premium URL shortening scripts might cater to all of your needs. So you’ll get all the tools required to be up and running in no time.

Some high-end scripts also offer statistical data about the shortened links you have stored within the system. This data is easily viewable via a user-friendly interface that beginners can be comfortable with, too. If you know how to upload a file to your hosting space or web server, then you have the necessary skills to implement a URL shortener service to any of your domains. Have you ever created or used your own URL shortener? Feel free to share your experience in the comments section below.

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