Video has become one of the most popular ways to consume media these days, whether it’s choosing to watch a movie or television over reading a book or choosing to watch the news over reading about it in the paper. It’s been this way for decades, so it only makes sense for video to dominate every form of media with the digital age in full swing. If you produce video, be it independent news or entertainment, you’re probably looking for a way to showcase your work without having to completely rely on another platform. Your own website built with WordPress and designed with a video WordPress theme allows you to do just that.

Video WordPress Themes
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Professional video WordPress themes

Video WordPress themes allow you to showcase your work without having to completely rely on another platform’s design or marketing capabilities. Every aspect is in your control, from something as simple as the layout you use to something as powerful as the marketing features you implement, such as email forms that help you grow your audience. You also have complete control over the type of content that gets promoted next to your video, and best of all, you’ll have the freedom to create any type of content you want to create.

Best of both worlds on your WordPress website

One of the greatest benefits of building your own video site with a dedicated video WordPress theme is the fact that it allows you to get the best of both worlds. A feature many video WordPress themes offer is the ability to host your own content and embed it from third-party sources, such as YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion. Each of these platforms have huge marketing capabilities, giving you an extra way to promote your brand while also giving you a way to stay in control of the way you portray your content. This collection contains WordPress themes that allow you to build video media sites, vlogging sites and even sites that mimic larger platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.

Best Video WordPress Themes 2024


Video WordPress Theme

Showcase your video content with the beautiful Primero theme for WordPress. Via an extensive theme options panel, you can modify a wide-range of theme elements with ease. Create a unique identity for your video website by customizing the color scheme and backgrounds to suit your tastes. This video...


Media Sharing WordPress Theme

SocialPlay is a flexible WordPress theme aimed at video content creators. This media WordPress theme comes integrated with a wide-range of popular video hosting services such as YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, DailyMotion and many more. Easily sync all of your videos directly to your website. The...


Premium Video WordPress Theme

The Snaptube WordPress theme allows you to showcase your video content in a beautiful & functional environment. Ready for use with multiple 3rd party video plugins, you can create an engaging website that offers incredible video functionality to your visitors. Using an intuitive drag &...


Video WordPress Theme

The Solar WordPress theme is an attractive, responsive theme with full video support throughout. Offering you the ability to create an engaging website with the minimum of ease using a customizable content / video slider and a comprehensive theme options panel. Unlimited color scheme customization...

The Passion

Video & Music WordPress Theme

The Passion is a flexible multi-purpose WordPress theme suitable for the entertainment creation sector. With video support throughout, you can provide your viewers with an impressive and memorable homepage. The Passion comes with an extensive theme options panel, a selectable range of custom...

The Producer

Film Studio WordPress Theme

The Producer is a fantastic WordPress theme for video content creators and production companies wanting a professional online presence. Coming in both light & dark themed variations, you can provide your visitors with an exceptional user-experience that looks fantastic on all modern...


Video Blogging WordPress Theme

TheMotion is a stylish, minimalist WordPress theme which is especially suitable for video bloggers and content creators. You can easily create beautiful video blogs without the need of coding skills. TheMotion comes with an array of selectable templates and user-friendly interfaces. Thanks to...


Cool Video WordPress Theme

VideoTube is a professional WordPress theme to easily create a beautiful and functional video website. This cool WordPress theme comes with selectable homepage layouts, pre-configured color schemes, custom widgets, content shortcodes and an extensive theme options panel. This video WordPress theme...


Powerful Video WordPress Theme

VideoMag is a comprehensive and powerful WordPress theme for video content creators & magazines. Supporting a wide-range of video services, including YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Twitch, and DailyMotion, you can quickly create a professional-looking video site that offers incredible...


Powerful WordPress Theme

Vivo is a powerful video WordPress theme which can be used to create awesome YouTube like video websites, video portals, video galleries or any other video platforms you may think of. Thanks to its flexibility, Vivo is perfectly suitable for all kinds of entertaining video websites. You can embed...


Video Blog / Magazine Theme

Compliment your WordPress-powered video website with the beautiful Vlog theme. Make an immediate impact on your viewers with this super-customizable video WordPress theme that just oozes with high-end features. You can use the user-friendly module system and the hundreds of preconfigured layout...

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