Classifieds advertisement and listings websites can easily be created using the power of WordPress and a suitable directory WordPress theme. Classifieds advertising is a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide. Largely with thanks to online classifieds advertising, the industry is continuing to create consistent growth. Choosing the right WordPress theme for your directory is an all-important decision to make, and it should never be taken lightly. Harnessing the power of WordPress, coupled with a premium theme, you are afforded the ability to create professional directory websites.

Advanced premium features for classifieds websites

Classifieds Websites
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Using a premium-grade listings and classifieds WordPress theme allows you to present your data in not only an attractive and appealing manner, but with functionality and usability in mind. You can help improve your visitors experience by implementing various advanced features that may come bundled with premium WordPress themes for classifieds, such as sorting functionality, enhanced searching capabilities and filters, custom taxonomies and metadata, grid and list viewing options, Google Map integration, selectable layouts and templates, payment processor integration, ratings system, selectable fonts library, image and video gallery support, custom color options.

It’s also important to test drive the theme demos, get a feel for what the theme offers, try before you buy. Choose a theme that offers all of the features that you want to provide to your visitors. Whether that’s a super-advanced search facility, or ultra customized templates for every page. Leaving your visitors with a positive lasting impression will contribute to the success of your directory listings site.

Consistent user experience on desktop and mobile devices

Directory Listings WordPress Themes
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Ensuring your classifieds and listings WordPress website looks great on both desktop computers and mobile devices is of the utmost importance in today’s mobile-driven world. A premium classifieds and listings theme for WordPress should be fully compatible across all major browsers and mobile devices. This should ensure your visitors are receiving a consistent user experience regardless of which device they may be using. Test out theme demos using a variety of different browser versions and devices to ensure your visitors will be catered for.

Functionality and customization is key

Not only are premium classifieds and listings WordPress themes visually appealing, but they usually come loaded with an array of options and selectable templates that you can use to fine tune each page. This allows you to maintain a high-level of functionality throughout every page of your directory website. Ensuring that all relevant data is available to your visitors when they need it. Being able to customize and fine tune the layouts of your chosen pages is a vital ingredient in creating an engaging classifieds website that is unique, easy to navigate, and great to look at.

WordPress Listings and Classifieds Themes


Flexible Directory Theme
This is a professional ads theme that is very user-friendly and tech-savvy. FlatAds is a premium template that focuses on strong typography and usability. You can install FlatAds in a few simple steps and also customize this classifieds theme in various ways. Loaded with latest HTML5, CSS3 and many other attributes, FlatAds WordPress directory theme can be easily set up and modified according to your liking.


Excellent Directory Theme
Globo is an attractive modern directory listings theme for WordPress that comes loaded with premium features. Featuring a fully customizable front-end, advanced search functionality, billing and payment support, selectable Google fonts and a multitude of custom templates to choose from. Using the dynamic theme color changer you're also able to completely customize the theme to suit your stylistic tastes, allowing you to create a unique design that will stand out from the crowd. The Globo WordPress theme is an excellent platform to launch, or enhance, any classifieds and listings website with comparative ease.


Powerful WordPress Theme
The Motors classifieds and listings theme for WordPress is a stunning theme that comes with premium-grade features. You can start your very own classifieds directory in no time at all, providing a plethora of data to your visitors via the intuitive administration menus and options pages. The theme offers customizable search functionality, inventory capabilities, multiple layout selections, and a wide-range of customizable taxonomies as standard. Motors WordPress theme is a great solution for those looking to create a professional and polished directory website.


Fancy Directory WP Theme
YellowPages is a child theme that showcases your ads and classifieds in a stylish way. YellowPages is fully responsive and looks great on all mobile devices. This theme further offers different price packages to monetize your WordPress website. YellowPages listing WordPress theme is easy to operate and comes included with 200 pre-loaded countries, 4000 states directory and many more amazing features.


Professional WordPress Theme
Directory is a very professional template which can help you create a brilliant directory business out of classifieds and ads. This classifieds WordPress theme is easy to customize and you can manage the submissions from the backend with perfect ease. The features of this theme are very useful and completely complement the classifieds and ads segment. Directory might be the right choice for all those who want to monetize their ads website and provide a great and informative platform for their audience.


Advanced WordPress Theme
Classify is a highly professional WordPress theme for classifieds ads. Benefit from useful features to create a nice and modern online presence by using Font Awesome icons, Google Maps integration, custom fields, geolocation, unlimited colors and a bunch more. This classifieds WordPress theme is fully responsive, so your text and images will look neat on smartphones or tablets as well as on desktop and laptop screens.


Directory WP Template
ClassiAds is a user-friendly WordPress directory theme to create appealing and modern classifieds websites. It comes with a powerful frontend user panel, custom fields for each of your categories, various different colors to choose from and Google Maps integration. In case you need help with setting up or managing your website, you can look into the well detailed documentation which is offered by the developers.


Classifieds WordPress Theme
Classiera is a comprehensive classifieds and listings theme for WordPress. Utilizing powerful theme options and offering a wide-range of attractive templates, Classiera allows you to create visually attractive directory websites in next to no time at all. Featuring Geo-enhanced search functionality, fully customizable color schemes and typography, listing viewing options, and built-in layout configuration options. The Classiera theme will elevate your directory listings website to a whole new level.


Premium WordPress Theme
To finalize this WordPress listings and classifieds themes collection, let's have a look at the WPCADS Classifieds WordPress theme. This nice WordPress template comes with a beautiful and stylish design and a quite appealing layout and appearance. WPCADS offers PayPal integration as well as further useful features and options to set up a professional websites offering ads, displaying classifieds and many more.

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