Amazon has long dominated the web as one of the biggest online marketplaces. But did you know that this marketplace giant is now making its mark in the web services department? Their Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform is a cloud-based computing service that offers various services such as database storage, computing power, content delivery, and other infrastructure services that help companies grow in the online market.

In this article, we’ll dig deeper into the advantages and disadvantages of this popular service platform to help you decide whether it’s the right choice for your business and website needs. Let’s get started!

What Are the Advantages of Amazon Web Services?

The AWS platform has grown rapidly since its initial release in 2006 and now serves as the backbone for many businesses around the world, both startups and corporate enterprises. Here are some of the benefits of AWS:

Flexible Features

A lot of AWS users are happy with how flexible the platform’s features are. It allows the users to select the operating system, database, programming language, and much more. You can also load all the possible software, solutions, and products your site or app needs. You can even adjust the features any way you want without having to worry about your IT department needing to pick up new skills.


Since AWS is cloud-based and flexible, you can estimate the computing power and cloud storage that you need. In a nutshell, this means that you are not limited by a set amount of storage or bandwidth. And since it’s a “pay-as-you-go” service, you can easily cancel your account if you decide the platform is not the right choice for you. You can also easily adjust your plan as you need it, either by increasing the amount of resources or by scaling it down.

Outstanding Security

One of the key selling points of AWS is its reliable security. Your personal data is always protected and they conduct a series of unique physical and operational security checks. On top of a solid infrastructure, AWS also holds SAS 70 Type II, PCI DSS Level 1, HIPAA, FISMA Moderate, and ISO 27001 security certificates.

Deeper and Wider Range of Features

All possible IT solutions and products that help you focus on your business are easily accessible. From simple storage services to cloud drive for sharing and collaborating on documents, AWS has you covered. With over 500 features and counting, you can be sure that you’re getting the products and services your website needs.

Easy Account Management

One of the many perks of AWS is the ease of managing your account. Not only can you manage your console, but you have complete control over the payment method and the freedom to subscribe to updates or not. Plus, you can request an increase of your service limit.

Disaster Recovery System

The Disaster Recovery system of AWS is an outstanding feature that greatly helps a lot of people. You can sleep peacefully at night, knowing your data can be restored in a flash in case you need it.

What Are the Disadvantages of Amazon Web Services?

AWS offers many benefits without a doubt. But, it also comes with its own set of cons which might be a deal breaker to some. Let’s go over the disadvantages of using AWS for your business.

AWS Can Be Too Complicated for Some

While many praise AWS for everything the platform has to offer, some are quite intimidated and think the system is too complicated for the everyday user. After all, not everyone is tech savvy so having an experienced person to help you manage the service is recommended. Furthermore, due to a wide range of functionality, it might be a complete overkill for your needs. Because of this, Amazon does not cater to all types of clients. It is highly recommended for web developers who need a powerful platform for their site or app or people who have a dedicated IT team on hand.

It Is Vulnerable to Attacks

The Amazon’s cloud computing system is made possible through the use of the internet. It is common knowledge that everything connected to the internet has the potential for security breaches. That’s why you should follow the best security practices and ensure you’re using strong passwords and granting access to your account only to those who really need it.

It is Internet Connection Dependent

Since AWS is cloud-based, it is dependent on the internet connection. In this scenario, it is quite possible that your site or application suffers from downtime if AWS experiences connection problems. High profile outages have occurred in the past so make sure to factor this into your final decision.

Amazon Charges Minimum Price Even for Unused Bandwidth

Even though you have the ability to upgrade or downgrade your account, you are responsible for paying the minimum charge even if you do not use up all the resources. So, make sure to carefully monitor the resource usage for the first couple of months so that you can modify your plan accordingly.

It Has a Poor I/O Rate on Elastic Block Store (EBS) Volumes

The Amazon Web Services’ EBS is not any better as compared to the traditional drives on a virtual host. Its volumes are driven by a network that can pose potential problems for your system. Although there is a remedy for this like high-performance EBS, the expensive service rates are enough to discourage people from contacting the Amazon Web services.

Their TOS Are More Complex

Unlike many other services that provide a unified terms and conditions, AWS requires almost all enterprise customers to have a custom agreement and significant terms-and-conditions negotiation.

Final Thoughts

A cloud-based service platform both has its pros and cons. The Amazon Web Services is no exception to this, even though it is considered as one of the most coveted service providers when it comes to cloud hosting and cloud system. Before making your final decision, consider your needs first and then assess the pros and cons accordingly. Can this type of service make an impact on your business operation? Do you have enough experience to use it or an expert that can manage it for you? If the answer is yes, then AWS might just be the right choice for you.

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