Are you running a driving school and want to start an online presence or give your current website a new and appealing look? We have collected some of the key points which are important for a driving school website and give you some advice on what to pay attention to when selecting a driving school WordPress theme. We further want to introduce you to our MH Impact WordPress Theme which was especially designed for driving schools or other business websites. So let’s get going…

MH Impact - Driving School Theme

Starting driving lessons is surely one of the most exciting times for teenagers. To pass the driver’s license test means a new kind of freedom, independence but as well more responsibility. Most teenagers are looking for a suitable and trustworthy driving school in their neighborhood. So if you are the owner of a driving school or responsible for one’s website, there are some crucial aspects you should consider as e.g. modern responsive design, clear arrangement of content, showing prices and many more.

Aspects of an excellent driving school website

Friendly & Modern Appearance

A website for driving schools should have a modern, friendly and trustworthy appearance. From the first look your customers should have a positive impression and feel welcome. This is best achieved through several things as e.g. pleasant and interesting pictures in a slider and favorable website colors. Further, as more and more young people are surfing through mobile devices – a responsive website is crucial.

Simple & Clear Information

Searching for information on a driving school website should not be an endless journey. So present or link the most important information on your website in a well-organized way. How to register at your driving school? What cars do you offer? How is the process of signing up, to driving lessons to finally taking the driver’s license test? All these questions will pop up when teenagers inform themselves about your driving school.

MH Impact - Custom Pages

Pricing & Packages

Showing a transparent and easy to understand pricing structure or pricing packages is trustworthy. Your customers will then know immediately what they can expect and make arrangements. So display your prices for driving lessons, taking the driver’s license examination or whole packages in a clear and structured way.

MH Impact - Pricing Tables

Contact & Blog

If you have informed your customers and they are interested to get in touch with you, provide them with all needed contact details: Where is your driving school located? What’s your phone number, email address? And how to reach you through social media channels? Further, keep your customers informed through latter or a blog with testimonials, news or anything else related to your driving school or learning to drive.

MH Impact Driving School WordPress Theme

With MH Impact, we have designed and developed a WordPress theme especially for driving schools. Driving school websites need certain features as e.g. a flexible pricing table widget which can be simply arranged by drag & drop, call to action buttons and a friendly, modern and fully responsive layout. MH Impact Driving School WordPress Theme is easy to handle and maintain. You can simply arrange the widgets on the homepage and present your services in a well-organized way.

MH Impact - Driving School WordPress Theme

MH Impact Driving School WordPress Theme key features

  • Flexible Pricing Table Widget
  • Call to Action Button
  • Fully Widgetized Homepage
  • 100% Responsive Layout
  • Highly-modern Flat Design
  • Dynamic Slider Widget
  • Structured Conent Arrangement
  • Intuitive Navigation
  • Contact Details & Google Maps Widget
  • Integrated Business Blog
  • Google Webfonts Typography Options
  • SEO Optimized WordPress Theme
  • Included Custom Widgets
  • Child Theme Readiness
  • and many more…

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