Regardless of which business branch, nowadays almost every company has an online presence. The advantages of a professional online representation are obvious. Firstly, you have the possibility to reach out to many people and potential customers through various different ways: social media, advertisements, listings etc. and thus enlarge your customer base. Secondly, you can change and announce services, deals or anything else in no time, and last but not least you are able to promote your business easily through all kinds of marketing strategies and tools.

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With WordPress, it is simple to set up and maintain a website and to create an online presence for any kind of business. But let’s first take a look at 3 important aspects that every business website should contain:

1. Presenting your services. What do you offer?

This is probably the key thing you have to think of when it comes to creating a business website. How can you present your services and offers in a way that customers know what you are doing by first glance? What are you offering? What are the prices? What are the options? What can you do for your customers and what is your service? Seems easy to do, but it is really not. So try to introduce your services in a simple but significant way.

2. Contact person. Who and how to contact?

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Secondly, it is important, that customers can reach out to you quickly and easily in case they have pre-sale questions or else. Meaning, don’t let them search for a telephone number or an email address on your website. Present your contact details clearly and easy to find. Also, let your potential customers reach out to you through different channels, be it through social media, email, contact form or telephone. So be sure you have covered this aspect as well.

3. Typography. Colors. Pictures.

For sure, you want to be taken as a serious and trustworthy business partner. So you might as well present yourself that way. That is, choose suitable pictures and if you are not able to produce quality pictures by yourself, then search through the millions free photos on the web, surely there will be something that supports your companies profile. Besides, choose proper colors (neither bright nor pale) and be sure your typography is comfortable to read.

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Keeping those things in mind is a first good step towards a professional business website. Of course, depending on the kind of business, considering other aspects are important as well, e.g. a blog to keep your customers informed or whatever else is needed.

Using WordPress & Business WordPress Themes

As with the free WordPress software it is super easy to create a website, all you need in addition is a flexible business WordPress theme. (Of course you could hire a web developer, but the WordPress way is much cheaper and you can select from many business WordPress themes and change them in several ways. That way you will be able to create a unique website by yourself. And for even more features: Check out WordPress plugins.) Without question, there are thousands of modern and great business WordPress themes out there, but which one is the perfect match for you?

Perfect Match
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As developers of premium WordPress themes, we offer various WordPress templates, which can be used for several purposes – specialized in magazine themes mostly. But with the same energy and thought we have created a professional business WordPress theme, called MH Impact, which was designed and developed to be used as a flexible but yet easy to handle template for WordPress business websites.

MH Impact – Professional Solution for Business Websites

With MH Impact Business WordPress Theme you have useful features, options and functions to create a unique business website which is comfortable to maintain and work with. As WordPress itself is intuitive, easy to tweak and modify, you will have a lot of fun and all freedom of creativity creating your website.

MH Impact Business WP Theme
MH Impact – Professional Business WordPress Theme

MH Impact Business WordPress Theme comes with these useful key features:

  • Flexible pricing table widget to present pricing structures in a convenient way.
  • Striking call to action button & text to get your customers to take the next step.
  • Fully widgetized front page to arrange important content in a simple and effective way.
  • Modern flat design layout which is responsive on all kind of screen size resolutions.
  • Show latest deals, services or else in a beautiful slider to get visitors attention right away.
  • Present your contact details clearly and link to pages for more information.
  • Guide your customers to services through large buttons and using Font Awesome icons.
  • Lead your visitors to your location by integrating the custom widget for Google Maps.
  • Run and present your professional business blog tied to your business website.

So MH Impact Business WordPress Theme offers all needed features, functions and options to set up a good working, modern and flexible business website to present your business in a professional way. If you like, please check out our demo.

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