Kale Pro is a premium blog WordPress theme by LyraThemes, a developer of blog and business themes for WordPress. Kale Pro is a food blog theme that offers a number of different features specifically geared toward food blogs. We’re going to review this beautiful food blogger theme and go over its best and most important features. Let’s get started with our Kale Pro review.

Kale Pro – Features Overview

Kale Pro

Kale Pro is a WordPress blog theme, so much of its features are designed to optimize a blog, a food blog in this case. This includes multiple ways to display your latest and greatest content on the homepage, the ability to display advertisements throughout your website and more. Here’s a quick rundown of this theme’s most important features for food bloggers.

  • Multiple ways to display posts on the front page – You can display your latest posts, featured posts and even highlighted posts.
  • Built-in recipe shortcode builder – A recipe card builder that comes with structured data to ensure your recipes are Google friendly.
  • Built-in recipe index – A recipe index template that allows you to create index pages to showcase a list of specific recipes, such as recipes that feature avocado.
  • Multiple blog feed displays – Choose the way you display your blog posts in feeds and archives. Display full posts, excerpts or a mixture of the two.
  • Integration with WP Instagram Widget – This plugin allows you to display your Instagram feed, and its integration with Kale Pro comes with optimized styling.
  • Built-in ads – You can display ads after every two posts in a blog feed as well as on posts, pages and your sidebar.
  • Built-in social share buttons – This theme features built-in, Jetpack-powered social share buttons for your latest recipes and blog posts.
  • Unlimited colors – Choose from an unlimited number of colors to suit your brand and truly make this theme your own.
  • 600+ Google Fonts – This food blogger theme comes with integration of the Google Fonts font library. This gives you the ability to change nearly any font in the theme and choose from a library of over 600 web-friendly fonts while doing so.
  • Optimized for SEO – Kale Pro features an optimized design and clean code, giving you an edge when it comes to search engine rankings.

Let’s talk about a few of these Kale Pro features in detail.

Kale Pro Demo – Front Page Layout

Kale Pro Demo

You can spot a few of the features mentioned above in the front page of the Kale Pro demo. This includes the way you promote your posts on the homepage. You can see the homepage uses a slider at the very top. It’s pretty flexible given the fact you can set it up yourself so that it displays a specific category or have it display custom images and messages.

That’s followed by a row of Featured Posts and a section for Recent Posts. Then, if you scroll down the page, you can see it has different sections that promote specific types of content from specific categories on the site’s blog. You can also see that there’s an About Me widget not mentioned in the Kale Pro features breakdown.

Kale Pro - "About Me" Widget

This allows you to add a personal touch to your website by introducing yourself to visitors as soon as they land on your website while also promoting links to your social media accounts in a discrete manner. You can also see the theme does use a sidebar on the homepage, but it doesn’t stretch all the way down to the bottom, so you’re free to use fullwidth content beneath the sidebar.

You can also see a visual representation of the many different ways you can display blog post excerpts in a feed, including the recipe card, while others have a simple excerpt followed by a ‘[…]’ symbol letting the visitor know there’s more to read. Let’s talk about the advertising spaces on the homepage of Kale Pro before we move on.

Kale Pro Advertisements

You can see the advertising space you can show in your blog feeds as well as the one you can show in your sidebar. It offers a great way for you to monetize your blog, whether you want to display ads from a dedicated ad network, such as Google AdSense, or whether you want to display an ad from a company you’re affiliated with or sponsored by.

The Kale Pro Recipe Card

Kale Pro Recipe Card

Let’s talk about the recipe card Kale Pro uses. Take a look at the top of the card, that part contains Schema.org structured data for recipes which is very “SEO friendly”. When you use Google to search for recipes, you probably have noticed additional information in the search results, such as cook time. Here’s a screenshot of “homemade pesto pizza” in a Google search:

Google Recipes SERPS

While using Kale Pro, your recipes will contain structured data as well which will be displayed in the search results at Google. This can increase your CTR and result in more people visiting your food blog. The rest of the recipe card allows you to display a list of ingredients and steps your readers need to take to prepare and cook the recipe. They can even print the card out for easy access while they shop and cook. Let’s talk about Kale Pro pricing and wrap this post up.

Final Thoughts & Pricing

Kale Pro is a fine WordPress theme for blogging, and it’s wonderfully optimized for food blogs. It’s even easy to use if you’re an average blogger with little to no technical knowledge. You can configure and customize the theme to your needs using the live theme customizer built into WordPress. This WordPress theme is also optimized for speed and SEO.

Pricing for the Kale Pro theme starts at $35, which includes a one-time sign-up fee. You’ll need to pay $7.99/month after that to receive updates and premium support. We hope that you liked this review of the Kale Pro food blog theme. Have you used this food blogger WordPress theme before or do you have any questions? Please let us know in the comments!

Disclosure: This Kale Pro theme review has been sponsored by LyraThemes and contains affiliate links. If you choose to make use of these products or services, we may receive a commission from the product or service provider with no additional cost on your end. The statements and opinions in this Kale Pro review are our own.
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