Over the course of our recent series of blog posts focusing on our MH Magazine theme, we’ve shown you how the theme is versatile and simple to use. MH Magazine is suitable when setting up websites for various editorial projects, including news websites, editorial music sites or feminine blogs.

Wildlife Online Magazine

Now we’ll show you how to use the MH Magazine WordPress theme to build editorial WordPress websites for wildlife foundations or online magazines about science, nature, zoology, environment, animals, wildlife or else. Our very own demo of a wildlife online magazine shows how to use MH Magazine to share latest information and news. Why is MH Magazine perfect for a wildlife website?

Video ready WordPress theme

People who love nature, science, wildlife, and animals also like watching related videos to learn and listen. Be it for scientific, charity or entertainment reasons, watching videos is a great way to inform or entertain yourself. Having an interesting website with embedded videos of your particular topic will make your site valuable and draw in new visitors. Fortunately, MH Magazine makes this simple.

WordPress Video Plugins
Image Source: IO-Images – Pixabay.com / License: CC0 Public Domain

WordPress, combined with our MH Magazine theme, is able to handle videos with ease. This allows you to display your video by pasting the video URL from your favourite hosted service such as YouTube or Vimeo straight into your blog posts. MH Magazine was built to ensure your videos display perfectly across all devices, including smartphones and tablets. That way your website visitors can watch their favourite videos from anywhere, any time.

Apart from the default video embedding in WordPress, MH Magazine also offers a custom widget to display YouTube videos on your editorial website. That means you can display any YouTube video you like using the custom video widget and place it into any suitable widget area – into your sidebar, on your front page or into the footer. This is a great way to feature your favorite videos.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO OptimizationSource: geralt / Pixabay.com
Image Source: geralt – Pixabay.com / License: CC0 Public Domain

Search engines and social media are the core components for everybody who actively uses the Internet. Next to that you should ensure that your website ranks as high as possible in major search engines such as Google. MH Magazine is fully search engine optimized, making it easier for you to focus on your engaged audience. Because MH Magazine is optimized as standard, you don’t need the technical knowledge of a professional search engine optimization company.

Fully responsive layout

More and more people are nowadays actively present on the Internet via multiple devices. For most people, this often means having a smartphone, tablet, home desktop PC, and a work PC. That’s four potential devices that one person could use when visiting your website.

MH Magazine WordPress Theme

It’s for this reason that our MH Magazine theme is responsive, automatically adapting its layout and design dependant on the size of the screen each website visitor is using. It works flawlessly across all devices including iPads and iPhones, ensuring your site can be read from anywhere, any time.

Earn an income from your website

Earn Money With Ads
Earn Money On Your Own Website With Ads (Image: Markgraf-Ave – Pixabay.com – CC0 Public Domain)

Not everybody sets out to earn money from their website, for many people earning an income allows you to spend the time required to move forward and continue to build a fantastic, engaged audience. That’s why MH Magazine comes with several widget areas across the template which you can use to display advertisements. This makes it easy to monetize your valuable content.

The included widget areas of MH Magazine have been implemented with optimal advertisement placements in mind. This ensures, that your website can contribute to your income while still giving your audience a high quality editorial website about wildlife, animals, science, nature or else.

Give MH Magazine a boost with additional plugins

Plugins for MH Magazine
Image Source: senjinpojskic – Pixabay.com / License: CC0 Public Domain

While the built-in features of MH Magazine provide an excellent foundation to start your website, you can also use additional plugins to add some useful functionality related to your WordPress website and thus set up an interactive site based on your personal needs and requirements, for example:

NextGEN Gallery
Image Source: WordPress.org

With video already covered above, you could use the NextGEN Gallery WordPress plugin to display photos and images of your choice. With the NextGEN Gallery plugin, creating photo galleries is quick and easy. Galleries setup with NextGEN come with many options for controlling size, style, timing, transitions, lightbox effects, and more, with the ability to batch upload, import meta data, add / delete / rearrange / sort images, edit thumbnails and group galleries into albums.

Important note: While the NextGEN Gallery plugin is very popular and usually works fine, the plugin is also quite heavy and may cause conflicts on your website. We’ve received reports in the past where this plugin was conflicting with other popular plugins or WordPress themes. If this is the case on your website, you could consider using alternative WordPress plugins for image galleries.

YOP Poll

YOP Poll
Image Source: Screenshot – WordPress.org

To collect valuable information and interact with your website visitors, you could take advantage of polls. One of the most popular WordPress poll plugins you could use with MH Magazine, is YOP Poll. This excellent plugin is full of features, yet still very simple to use. YOP Poll gives you the ability to show polls inside articles, as a widget in your MH Magazine sidebar, or both.

You’re able to run multiple polls at once, schedule polls, and control voting conditions so only registered users or guests can vote. The list of features in this plugin is endless, and has 20,000+ active installed and an almost perfect 5/5 rating on WordPress.org.

Shopping cart

WooCommerce Plugin
Image Source: Screenshot – WordPress.org

Earning money from your website by selling advertising space can be a profitable source of income. However, selling products such as books, photography, or else related to your editorial website about animals, wildlife or whatever else you have in mind can be as profitable.

To set up a shopping cart with WordPress, you could use the popular WooCommerce plugin. This ecommerce plugin supports all common payment options, including PayPal. You’re able to sell in many different currencies, and it will allow you to set up your own coupons and promotions to give your readers the very best products at the very best prices.

Wrapping up: MH Magazine for editorial websites for wildlife foundations

MH Magazine’s built in features, combined with some great WordPress plugins, make it easy to launch editorial websites related to wildlife, nature, science or anything else. Whether you’re looking to open up the floor for wildlife news from around the world, setup a website for a wildlife charity, or feature videos and photos of a particular species, MH Magazine will display your content nicely.

MH Magazine Variations

By making use of digital media such as video and photos, combined with visitor polls and a shopping cart, you can launch awesome editorial websites on such topics as wildlife, nature or environment. You can set up interactive and engaging websites for your visitors while providing a healthy income for you as your site grows. When will you launch your very own online magazine?

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