As already mentioned a few days ago, we have reorganized our support options to provide more helpful and even much more faster and effective customer support in the future. We have just launched the MH Themes Support Center where you can find theme documentations, tutorials and a lot of helpful information. We will also add more tutorials and answers to frequently asked questions from time to time. When you have questions, your first stop should be the support center.

MH Themes Support Center
MH Themes Support Center (Screenshot)

One Channel for everything!

In the past it was necessary to login to several different channels depending on what your inquiry was. Support was provided through the support forum or several other channels and when you wanted to download your theme or an update, you needed to login to the marketplace where you had purchased your theme. Now you can create one login with access to all your stuff.

Benefits of the new Support Center:

  • More effective and centralized support
  • Personal support through our helpdesk
  • Download theme updates directly through the members section
  • No need to login anymore when you want to access theme documentations

Personal support through our helpdesk

Sometimes you might have specific questions that are not already answered in the support center. In that case you have now access to personal support through our helpdesk. There is no need anymore to use the support forums! You can just create a support ticket at our helpdesk and you will receive an answer to your question from our staff within 24 hours. Personal support at its best!

We hope that you like the new MH Themes Support Center which will help you find answers to your questions much more faster and more effectively. And in case you need personal support, we will be more than happy to assist you through our helpdesk!

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