While we were working very hard during the past months to create high-quality WordPress themes for you to help you build amazing websites, online magazines or blogs, we didn’t take care a lot of our own website and it looked quite outdated. This has now changed and we relaunched the MH Themes website with a fresh design and we will also add a few new features during the coming weeks which will help you quickly find the information you are looking for.

Introducing New Support Center

A few months ago we introduced our support forum and as this was quite a success (970 members, 778 discussions and 3272 messages in 6 months) it has also some downsides. We were hoping to take care of all customer support through our forum, but unfortunately we received quite a lot of messages from people who didn’t want to post at the forum and prefered private support instead.

As our goal is to provide centralized support, without the need to monitor several support channels, we will shut down the forum in a few days and move the support to a centralized support center on our website where you can find all tutorials and additional information as you were used to. The new support center will also be extended from time to time with more helpful tutorials, answers to frequently asked questions and code snippets.

Personal support will be provided through the helpdesk in the members area on our website. Some of you already have an account for the helpdesk, as we were using this system already a few months ago. When you have purchased a WordPress theme by MH Themes and don’t have access to the helpdesk yet, you can register here. You will also be able to download new theme updates directly through our members section, without the need to login at the marketplace where you have purchased the theme. So you have one single platform for support and theme updates.

What’s coming next?

At the moment we are still working on our site to convert parts of the content to match the new design and then we will finish the work on the new support center to launch it within the next 1-2 weeks. If you are registered at the support forum, you will recieve an email when the new support center is ready, so that you can switch to the new place in case you need customer support. As soon as the work on the website is done, we will proceed with the development of the coming theme updates and we’ve also planned to release some new stuff. So, stay tuned!

MH Themes Website (Old)
MH Themes Website – Old Design (Screenshot)
MH Themes Website (New)
MH Themes Website – New Design (Screenshot)