Star Rating Scripts / Review
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Implementing a star rating system into your website allows your visitors to engage with you and your website content. It also leaves you valuable feedback on how well your content is performing. Visitors will be able to rate your content, products, or services with ease, using a real-time rating system that doesn’t even require a page refresh.

Powered by AJAX, modern rating scripts are powerful companions to make use of. Typically they’re offering an advanced administration panel that provides statistical data about the feedback being left on your website. Analysing this statistical data is made easy using a clean, modern user-interface that is easy to navigate around and offers comfortable viewing on different kinds of devices.

Awesome PHP rating scripts


The ThumbsUp rating script is a modern, stylish offering that makes it easy to implement an engaging ratings system into any of your websites. The ThumbsUp script is making use of a MySQL database, an easy-to-understand configuration file, and six custom templates included. This comprehensive rating system not only looks good, but performs well too. An advanced admin area provides access to several selectable features. These great features allow you to effortlessly customize the script to suit your websites style and needs.

Rating System

The Rating System script is a simple way to allow your visitors to engage with your content by leaving a rating score. 3 different user interface styles come provided with the script. The complete documentation shows you how to implement and configure the script to suit you and your website's needs. Offer your visitors the opportunity to leave feedback on your content, products, and media releases with ease.

Skinnable Rating System

The Skinnable Rating System is a modern, comprehensive rating script that you can easily implement into any of your websites. Featuring an advanced administration panel, you are given full control over your ratings system, statistics and its appearance. A bunch of useful features are also provided out-of-the-box that add to the scripts' overall high-quality finish. It's suitable for all modern browsers and mobile devices. The Skinnable Rating System script is a reliable solution that you can quickly integrate with any of your online content.

Advanced Rating System

The Advanced Rating System is a comprehensive, modern rating system that you can easily implement into your website. It lets your visitors leave feedback and engage with your content on-the-fly. Choose from a variety of bundled rating icons and colors that match the style of your website perfectly. Advanced Rating System makes use of modern technologies including AJAX, IP protection, cross-domain embedding, and MySQL database to store rating data. It's therefore a hugely customizable and attractive rating system that will fit right into any style of website.


Poll is a useful little script which allows you to implement opinion polls on your website without much effort. Featuring an advanced admin panel, you're able to manage your opinion polls by taking advantage of an intuitive user-interface that is easy-to-use no matter what your skill level may be. Coming fully documented, and bundled with 3 poll styles, the Poll script is a great solution for anyone wanting to poll their visitors.

Minty AJAX Ratings

The Minty AJAX Ratings script provides a cool solution for anyone wanting to add a simple rating system to their website. It features smooth implementation steps, optional MySQL database use, AJAX instant-refresh, and easily customizable using simple CSS code. The Minty AJAX Ratings script is a great way to engage with your visitors. You can also retrieve feedback to see how your content, products or media releases are performing.


PulsePro is a comprehensive rating system that allows your visitors to vote on your content. Much like other rating systems used by large websites such as <em>YouTube</em>, <em>StackOverflow</em>, and <em>Reddit</em>, PulsePro offers a modern rating system that moves away from the traditional star-rating system. It comes bundled with five different styles to match up with your website, a comprehensive admin panel with statistics, IP protection and XSS protection. The PulsePro script is a great rating system that is easy to install, configure, and customize.


SimpleRatings is an easy-to-use ratings system that can be implemented into any website with minimum effort. Enhanced by AJAX and jQuery, this powerful ratings system is endlessly customizable. It allows you to modify it to suit the style of your website, resulting in a seamless integration. Coming supplied with the original star image PSD file, and a PHP example showing you the steps needed to install the script into your project, you'll be up and running in no time at all.

Conclusion: PHP rating scripts for your website

Implementing a rating system into your website sounds like a daunting task. This even applies to some advanced users who may not want to be writing many lines of code in developing a suitable system. The scripts in this article provide simple solutions that beginners and advanced users will both feel comfortable with using on a regular basis.

These solutions offer your visitors the opportunity to quickly leave some form of feedback, which is a great way for them to engage with your website. They can leave behind a star-rating or thumbs-up, providing you with valuable feedback so you see how your content may be performing.

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