Making your website as attractive as possible is a great way of leaving a lasting impression on your visitors. This can easily be achieved by making use of a Metro style navigation system. Some of these menus can be quickly implemented into any website with minimal configuration required. A Metro styled navigational system, more commonly known as Windows 8 UI, is eye-catching and performs incredibly well across all of today’s modern mobile devices, including portrait and landscape modes.

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Millions of people around the world have a certain familiarity with navigating around a Metro styled environment. Very likely, because it is in use across all modern platforms of the Windows Operating System to this day. Providing an easy way for your visitors to navigate around your website using a Metro styled tile system can give your website an incredible boost.

Metro menus offer visitors a simplified yet powerful route around your content, products, social channels, services, or media. This article showcases a variety of attractive and versatile Metro styled navigational systems that you can use for your WordPress website giving it a contemporary touch.

Metro Flexible Navigation

Metro Flexible Navigation

The Metro Flexible Navigation system is a minimalistic grid layout in the popular Metro style. Metro styled websites have become a popular stylistic choice in recent years. They’re easy to work with, easy-on-the-eye, and they look awesome when being viewed on mobile devices.

The Metro Flexible Navigation script is easy to customize to suit you and your websites needs via simple CSS code editing. It offers a wide-range of icons to choose from to help you really personalize the script. Mobile users can easily navigate around the system using a series of touch controls. The menu also adapts perfectly to suit all modern desktop and mobile resolutions.


MetroTab Navigation

MetroTab is a lightweight jQuery plugin that gives you the ability to quickly create beautiful navigation tabs in a cool Metro style. Combining both inline and AJAX support, the script offers the best possible performance at no cost to your SEO ranking. MetroTab is compliant with all modern desktop browsers and mobile devices. MetroTab is a useful tool for anyone wanting to create an attractive navigational menu for their website that performs extraordinarily well and looks great.


MetroPanel Navigation

MetroPanel is a cool script that allows you to implement an animated, fast-loading navigational side-panel in a Metro style into any of your websites. It comes supplied with many customization options, multiple jQuery and CSS3 animation effects.

MetroPanel is a comprehensive tool that is suitable for both beginners and advanced users alike. Using a simple-to-understand configuration file, you can select which side of the screen the panel will be displayed. You are also given the option to auto-hide or show the panel upon page load.

Metro Style Dropdown Menus

Metro Style Dropdown Menus

Metro Style Dropdown Menus is a Metro styled navigational menu that you can implement into any WordPress website with ease. Offering two styles of drop down animations, an easy-to-customize color scheme, login form, and a search field, the Metro Style Dropdown Menu is a great utility to have at your disposal. It performs well and looks awesome on all modern desktop browsers, including old versions of Internet Explorer.

Metro Style Navigation

Metro Style Navigation

Adding a Metro styled navigational menu to your website has never been so easy with the Metro Style Navigation script. Promote your products, media publications, or social media outlets in a stylish way that your visitors will enjoy using time and time again. The Metro Style Navigation script is easy to implement and customize and a stylish accompaniment for your website.


OpenPanel Metro Navigation

OpenPanel is a modern and attractive solution that gives you the tools necessary to create smooth Metrostyle WordPress websites that are functional, easy-to-navigate and look glorious on all modern desktop browsers and mobile devices.

SEO optimized inline content, AJAX powered for high performance, unlimited panels, and a series of animation customization options all come bundled out-of-the-box. This ensures OpenPanel is suitable for beginners as well as advanced users. Optionally, a WordPress version is also available as a plugin that provides the same functionality and performance for WordPress users.

Metro Style Side Menu

Metro Style Side Menu

Easily add a customizable Metro styled side-menu to any of your websites using the aptly named Metro Styled Side Menu. The Metro Style Side Menu comes with a wide-range of uses, whether you’re promoting your products, social media channels, content articles, media publications, or promotional links. This great piece of code enables you to quickly implement a lightweight solution that not only performs well, but looks slick on all modern browsers and mobile devices alike.

Metro UI

Metro UI Navigation

Metro UI is a comprehensive framework that enables you to easily create a one-page website in the popular Metro style. Lots of premium features come provided with the script. Including several CSS animations, a Windows-esque sliding button bar, ultra-customizable, content caching, and seamless integration with your Google Analytics account.

Metro UI has been developed with complete compatibility in mind. It also has taken steps to ensure it looks great on not only modern desktop browsers and mobile devices, but legacy browsers too.


OneMenu Metro Navigation

OneMenu is a lightweight and attractive script that gives you the ability to implement a smooth, modern Metro navigational menu on your website with ease. It is a comprehensive offering that is suitable for both beginners and power-hungry users alike.

OneMenu further offers no limit to the amount of menus, panels and items you can create. OneMenu is also easy to customize to suit your specific tastes and is a handy tool to have that offers an impressive user-experience on mobile devices and the latest modern desktop browsers.


UI Pro Metro Menu

UI-Pro is a lightweight jQuery plugin that allows you to easily implement an attractive Metro styled navigation bar to the sides of your website. Integrated with the popular font source Font Awesome, you can add a handy icon-based navigational menu with ease.

This script enables your visitors to quickly find what they’re looking for without having to trawl through endless dropdown menus. The panels are easy to customize, lightweight, and come with a handful of configuration options to help you create a cool, responsive navigational system your visitors will enjoy using. UI-Pro is a nice jQuery navigation script for modern websites.


MetNav Metro Navigation

MetNav is a stylish, live-tile navigational system in a cool-looking Metro style. It comes with out-of-the-box support for live tiles, sliding images, news tickers, and unlimited amounts of static content. MetNav is a great companion for anyone wanting to quickly create an attractive, tiled navigational system for their website. Using simple CSS code, you’re able to customize the navigational system to suit your requirements. MetNav allows you to finetune it perfectly to suit your website’s style.

MenuStation Metro Navigation

MenuStation is a stylish, sliding navigational menu system in a cool Metro style. It allows for faster navigation around any website. Easily add panels of content, images, videos, and links to your navigation menu, and customize the colors to suit your websites style to create an attractive looking menu that will provide your visitors with a hassle-free user-experience. Lightweight, easy to customize, and unlimited menus makes MenuStation a great companion for your next online project.

Metro Navigation Menu

Metro Navigation Menu

The Metro Navigation Menu easily lets you add a Metro styled navigational menu to any of your websites. It is suitable for a wide-range of modern browsers and mobile devices alike. The Metro Navigation Menu script is a lightweight, easy-to-use navigational menu that can be easily customized to suit your website’s style. It also provides your visitors with a welcoming menu system that is easy-on-the-eye and perfectly functional.

Vertu Simple Mega Menu

Vertu Simple Metro Menu

The Simple Mega Menu script by Vertu is a comprehensive offering enabling you to implement a cool-looking Metro styled Mega-Menu to any of your online projects. Using a lightweight, easy-to-use framework, you’re able to create as many Metro styled menus as you need that are suitable for various uses. You can promote products, services, social media channels, and media releases.

Using this metro navigation plugin, you can customize the colors and column structure with ease using simple CSS code to create a unique navigational system you can be proud of. The Vertu Simple Mega Menu script is ideal for modern websites with an unique touch and feel.


TabLooper Metro Navigation

TabLooper is a stylish, responsive jQuery plugin that enables you to create an attractive, tabbed navigational system for your website. It comes with unlimited tabs, custom animations, flat-color icons, and AJAX content supported out-of-the-box.

TabLooper is a stunning solution that is eye-catching and superbly functional. TabLooper also provides alternative navigational controls. Desktop users may navigate your tabs using the arrow keys, whilst mobile users can swipe & touch their way around your site with ease.

Conclusion: Responsive jQuery metro style navigation menus

Implementing a new navigational system into any website isn’t as difficult as you may think. The scripts in this article can be implemented into any website with comparative ease – even if you’re a beginner. Providing a comfortable user-experience to your visitors across all of today’s modern desktop browsers and mobile devices should be of paramount importance.

A Metro styled navigational system provides you with a good way of achieving this with the minimum of work. So whether you’re looking for a cool way to present your products, promote your social channels, share your promotional links, or spread your media items across the globe, do it in style!

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