When you are already using MH Magazine WordPress Theme for your online magazine, news website or blog, you know that we take user satisfaction very seriously. We try to achieve this goal not only by providing fast, reliable and helpful support, but also by continuously developing new features and updating the theme, as you can see in the changelog. The results are thousands of happy clients, many very positive reviews and ratings all over the internet and last but not least, a very reliable and attractive magazine WordPress theme. But of course we won’t stop working for you and there is more to come!

Quality Over Quantity

Many of you have used WordPress themes before and as you might know, some WordPress theme shops for example sell 50+ different WordPress themes. First this might look good, but keep in mind that all these WordPress themes have to be maintained, supported and updated on a regular basis. Often the results of this large number of themes are poorly supported and rarely updated WordPress themes, which in the end might not make users happy on the long run.

MH Magazine Responsive WordPress Theme
MH Magazine Responsive WordPress Theme

We at MH Themes have a different approach! We focus mainly on our popular MH Magazine WordPress Theme to provide you with one of the best magazine WordPress themes on the market. In addition we plan to release a small number of new themes in the future, which will also include excellent support and reliable updates.

So in the end our main goal is to provide “Quality Over Quantity” which will make sure that you are happy with our products and that there is no need to use other themes or plugins anymore. Instead you can fully focus on your business and create amazing content for the readers and visitors of your online magazine, news website, blog or other kind of website.

The process of purchasing a Premium WordPress Theme

Usually it’s always the same, you have an idea for a new website or just got bored of your current WordPress theme and the next thing you will do is search for a new WordPress theme, which matches your needs in terms of design and functionality. Some people are doing this for a long time and might have used already a dozen of different WordPress themes. Some people even change their WordPress themes more often than their underpants. But is this really necessary? And is it possible to save time and money?

MH Magazine – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

With this in mind we continuously develop our magazine WordPress theme to provide you with flexible layout options without the need to change your WordPress theme when you want to setup a new site or when you just want to change the look and feel of your current website. MH Magazine WordPress Theme is a Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme which has several layout options included. So in the end our magazine theme is actually not only a single WordPress theme, but a solution, which combines several layouts in one product based on a reliable framework – for the cost of a single WordPress theme!

It was never before that easy to change the layout of MH Magazine WordPress theme, just navigate to the “Layout Options” in your WordPress dashboard, select the layout which you want to use and that’s it. No settings will be lost and you don’t have to setup your theme again, it will just appear in a different look and feel, but with all features, options and settings you are used to! We have created several demos of MH Magazine WordPress Theme to show you some examples of what is possible only by using the theme options:

All these layout options are included in one single WordPress theme – so purchase one theme and have a solution for different purposes. There is no need to spend more money on multiple WordPress themes if you have a theme, which combines several layouts and amazing features and options in one single product. You can also check out the showcase for MH Magazine WordPress Theme where you can view several REAL websites of users for your inspiration to see what is possible with this magazine WordPress theme.