What is Cherry Framework?

Have you ever heard of Cherry Framework? No? Then keep on reading: Cherry Framework is a young, free WordPress framework that can be used for creating your own WordPress theme fast and easy. You don’t even have to be a WordPress coding pro in order to develop a theme using Cherry Framework as it can be easily used even by those with less experience.

Cherry Framework combines great features that come with the best front-end framework called Bootstrap with WordPress functionality, providing great support for creating a theme. Modern markup and coding techniques combined with HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap front-end libraries will give the best possible result. That’s what happens when you follow the finest web standards.

The Function of Cherry Framework

This framework is used by the team behind TemplateMonster to develop pixel perfect themes. The Cherry Framework separates the visual part from the engine so that your WordPress site will be a simple parent & child theme combination. This is a very healthy approach as child themes only provide the visual appearance without dealing with the back-end functionality and therefore removing the risk of breaking anything. This way you can easily create your own themes based on Cherry Framework without having to risk anything.

Cherry Framework
Cherry Framework for WordPress Themes (Image: Screenshot / Website)

Many WordPress themes that can be found on TemplateMonster come packed with both the framework and the separate child theme that you purchased. This means, that you will only have to install the framework once and forget about it. Whenever you want to go for another theme, you just have to change the child theme and voila. You should also know that these themes come vested with tons of features. Anything from lots of shortcodes to booking forms, language packs and even top notch 24/7 support is included.

What Else Does Cherry Framework Offer?

After installing, when logging into your website, a new category will show up in your admin panel for configuring framework options. You will find a couple of elements, including the possibility to easily browse through newly released Cherry themes in case you want to quickly change your theme. All provided themes are 100% responsive. The design will be resized and adapted to fit the size of all kinds of screen size resolutions. The theme can be easily installed in just a couple of clicks and you can even import or export the content on your site via XML.

You probably already guessed that Cherry Framework comes with a bunch of features. This gives you the possibility to make use of LESS and MCSS for easier development and already provides the base for search engine optimization. Themes also get localization support, various post formats, many shortcodes, various widgets, update notifications and cool template options for everyone.

The Framework From Inside

  • Cherry Options – here you can easily customize your theme. You can modify the layout style, the body styling, link colors, typography and lots of other things (such as custom logo, custom favicon, navigation settings, slider settings, portfolio related settings, footer settings, etc.).
  • Cherry Store – this is the place where you can easily purchase new themes or browse to find inspiration for customizing your existing theme.
  • Data Management – allows you to quickly back up your framework or theme. It is extremely valuable especially if you did customizations on your theme and you want these backed up. This menu can also be used for restoring your backed up data.
  • SEO – this menu allows you to configure your settings in order to get good rankings in search engines. You can change general settings (website indexation settings, links settings) or configure the sitemap.
  • Import & Export – here you can import sample data to test out the theme or the changes you do when customizing a purchased theme. The Export menu gives you the possibility to export widget settings and others.