Continuing our recent showcase of the huge variety of niches MH Magazine can be used for, today we’d like to show you how to use our popular MH Magazine WordPress theme to build your very own music website for a band, venue or music online magazine. So whether you’re looking to launch a music online magazine, a website to promote your own band, or to push your venue as a center of entertainment, MH Magazine is versatile enough to be able to make the process quick and simple.

Music Website

While our very own music demo shows how to use MH Magazine as a dark rock or metal music theme for editorial related music websites, it can as well be used in a lighter, more classical environment. From pop to rock music, from fan bases and bands to gig venues and ticket sales, the MH Magazine WordPress theme provides you with the perfect foundation on which to setup your site. Now let’s see why MH Magazine is perfect for entertainment or music related editorial websites of any kind.

Customizable layout and design

As an artist, when you’re standing on stage in front of your fans, or when you’re trying to push your venue as the place to be for all the best bands, it’s as important to look good as it is to sound good. We would not want for you to put all your effort into looking good in front of your fans and customers, only to have a website that doesn’t perfectly accompany your brand and identity.

MH Themes Showcase

With the MH Magazine theme, you can easily amend the logo, using a custom header image or title and tagline. You can also create a unique color scheme and set up custom menus, giving you the flexibility to deliver a dark rock, light and classical, or a bright and vibrant pop website. With all this flexibility, we’re confident your website visitors will love your website as much as they love you.

jQuery News Ticker

News Ticker MH Magazine

With any band, venue or the music business in general, there is always exciting news to share. Whether you’re announcing your latest tour, launching ticket sales for the latest gig or write about latest trends from the music industry, you need an easy way to deliver news to your audience. MH Magazine comes with a scrolling news ticker as a standard feature, giving you the ability to deliver latest news in one concise, prominent area of your WordPress website.

Implementing music videos

Many professional musicians create their own music videos. And what better place to display and promote them than on your own WordPress website? WordPress is able to handle videos with ease, allowing you to display your clips by simply pasting the video URL or embed code from your favorite hosted service such as YouTube or Vimeo straight into your blog post.

WordPress Video Plugins
Image Source: IO-Images – / License: CC0 Public Domain

In addition MH Magazine offers a handy custom YouTube video widget which you can use to display videos in various widget locations across your website. Your YouTube videos will then be displayed seamlessly throughout all devices, including smartphones and tablets, so your WordPress website visitors can watch your music videos anywhere, at any time. Which brings us to the next point.

Fully responsive layout for your music online magazine

MH Magazine Demo 9

With music festivals now full of smartphones shining bright above the heads of the crowd, it’s no surprise that tablet and smartphone usage now accounts for roughly 50% of all website traffic to websites in the music and entertainment industry. It’s for this reason that our MH Magazine theme is responsive and works flawlessly across all devices, including iPads, iPhones and modern Android devices, ensuring your website can be read no matter where you are.

Give MH Magazine a boost with additional plugins

Plugins for MH Magazine
Image Source: senjinpojskic – / License: CC0 Public Domain

While the built-in features above make for a flexible and excellent foundation from which to start any type of editorial related music or entertainment website, with awesome WordPress plugins you can truly turn your WordPress website into an engaging, practical music or entertainment website:

As always, these are just a few plugin suggestions. There are thousands of other plugins for WordPress available as well for various purposes and endless possibilities. That means if the mentioned plugins don’t work as intended for your purpose, you could use plenty of alternatives.

Event Organiser

Event Organiser Plugin
Image Source:

Event Organiser is an excellent WordPress plugin that is the perfect asset to display a calendar of your upcoming tours or gigs. You can create one-time events or recurring events and display Google Maps to help your fans find your gig venue. Your website visitors can also subscribe to updates about new events, ensuring they never miss your next gig! The plugin allows your readers to view events in several different formats, including a calendar, event list, or single event agenda. The Event Organiser plugin is used on more than 40,000 WordPress websites and receives excellent reviews.

NextGEN Gallery
Image Source:

Who doesn’t want to see photos of your latest gig or a behind the scenes sneak preview of you writing your next song? Your fans will love a regularly updated gallery of images. With the NextGEN Gallery plugin creating photo galleries is quick and easy. The plugin has been industry’s standard WordPress gallery for years, and with over one million active installs, the proof is in the numbers.

This feature rich image gallery plugin comes with many options for controlling size, style, timing, transitions, lightbox effects, and more, with the ability to batch upload, import meta data, add / delete / rearrange / sort images, edit thumbnails, and group galleries into albums.

Important note: While the NextGEN Gallery plugin is very popular and usually works fine, the plugin is also quite heavy and may cause conflicts on your website. We’ve received reports in the past where this plugin was conflicting with other popular plugins or WordPress themes. If this is the case on your website, you could consider using alternative WordPress plugins for image galleries.

HTML5 jQuery Audio Player

HTML5 jQuery Audio Player Plugin
Image Source:

Just like photos, the fans of your band or music venue will love sound clips from latest gigs or of newest songs. With this plugin, it’s simple to add a music player to your WordPress posts, complete with song ratings and a buy or download link allowing you to sell music online. The HTML5 jQuery Audio Player works on mobile devices, and lets website visitors listen to music wherever they are.

Wrapping up: Editorial music websites with WordPress and MH Magazine

MH Magazine Variations

MH Magazine’s built-in features, combined with additional WordPress plugins for music websites, can quickly give you a editorial website that truly represents your brand and identity, ensuring your online presence is as exciting as your stage presence. Our popular magazine theme is purposefully built to be flexible enough for you to use regardless of your music or content genre, and regardless of how your fans like to use the internet.

So whether you’re a classical choir with the majority of visitors using desktop PC’s, or a hardcore rock band with an audience who love their mobile phones as much as they love you, MH Magazine will provide you with the tools you need to launch your music magazine website with ease.

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