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In this part of our blogger interview series, we’ve interviewed Karen who has dedicated her site Popucrime to all news junkies that love true crime, wacky criminals, and funny critters. On Popucrime you’ll find latest crime news, a funny section about hilarious crimes and so much more. Let’s ask Karen how this all started.

What is your background and how did you get involved with WordPress and blogging?

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I’ve dabbled in blogging for years and over the years decided that I liked the format and freedom to express my thoughts and feelings as I see them. It was at this time I made the decision to start my own website and found WordPress to be the best choice.

What should readers know about your blog / website? What are your goals?

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Everyone loves a good mystery and I am no exception. I’ve always loved true crime and high quality crime-related television shows, so that is what you will find on the website. We keep our readers up to date on what’s coming on several outlets such as Netflix, cable networks (HBO, Showtime, etc..) and true crime giants such as ID Network and Oxygen. We also like to feature stories on upcoming films that might interest our readers.

Another one of my pastimes is reading funny stories about “dumb criminals” which is where you can find some of the best of funny criminal news on the “daily dumb” section of the website. You can also find these stories on Twitter under the hashtag #dailydumb for a good laugh.

Animals are another one of my passions, so you can also find a good dose of “animals being bad” on the Animal House portion of the website, probably one of my favorite portions of the website. In the future we will be offering free ad space for lost dogs/animals in crisis as well as free advertising/article for those who have missing friends or family as much of the website focuses on true crime. It’s important to us to help those in need whenever possible.

Can you share some insights about your workflow? How often do you publish posts?

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I typically start out my mornings looking at several news outlets and pick out the stories that I believe will be a good match for I also take the time to review social media to see what stories are making headlines and what people are talking about from day to day and go from there.

What challenges did you face when starting your blog / website?

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Mostly deciding what categories to focus on and what deserves the most attention. Then of course, deciding what layout to use which is why the MH Magazine theme came in extremely handy in helping make those decisions.

How do you monetize your site? Do you have tips for other bloggers about monetization?

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Right now we are only using Google AdSense. However in the future we will be taking our advertising to a different level which currently hasn’t been decided as of yet. We are looking at all options.

What do you look for when choosing a WordPress theme?

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Clarity and cosmetics. It is very important to us that the website not only has quality content, but is also aesthetically pleasing as well as user friendly.

Why did you choose the MH Magazine theme? What do you like most?

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The layout and options of different layouts are very impressive. Versatility is a must and is extremely important.

What are your future plans with your blog / website?

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To give our readers informative, quality content. Another goal for the website is to team up with quality advertisers that have our same interests in mind.

Do you have some advice for other bloggers who want to start a blog?

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Yes. Have a game plan in mind prior to launching your blog/website. Know exactly what you want to achieve. Also explore all resources out there that can assist you in your goals. The internet is full of possibilities.

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We would like to thank Karen for answering our questions and wish her all the best with Popucrime. If you’re interested in true crime, crime tv or related topics, you definitely should check out Popucrime. In case you have any feedback or questions for Karen, please leave a comment below.

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