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The rise of handheld camera devices in recent years has led to an explosion of amateur and professional video content creators. Smartphones are enabling the public to capture a vast array of content like never before, in glorious high-definition and 4K resolutions. Video hosting services such as YouTube and Vimeo have witnessed a rise in content creation (and advertisement revenues) from the so-called YouTube Generation. This trend is likely to become more and more popular.

Video content creation is big business, with many of the top-earners becoming millionaires with thanks to various partnership programs that share advertising revenues amongst its creators. Being able to carve out a career as video content creator can be exceptionally rewarding. Using premium video themes for WordPress gives you the tools to create your very own success story.

Premium WordPress themes with video features

Vivo Video WordPress Theme

Making use of premium themes for your WordPress-powered video blog (Vlog) is a great way to impress your viewers. Providing your visitors with a consistent user-experience that is easy-on-the-eye and functional will encourage a longer stay, resulting in more clicks and views on your video collection. Create visually appealing websites using a series of high-end features targeted at giving you all the tools you’ll ever need to showcase your videos.

Video compatibility & customization

Providing the same user-experience on all of today’s modern browsers and mobile devices is of high-priority for professional video WordPress themes. Embedding videos into web pages has seen some great improvements over the last couple of years. The adoption of HTML5’s features has been slowly but surely spreading around the worlds’ largest video service providers. This has steadily increased the rate of demise for the previous video embedding standard, Adobe Flash.

This is great news for content creators who rely on social media and mobile viewers. Compatibility across the most-popular video formats is increasing rapidly across all of today’s modern devices & browsers. One of the great advantages HTML5 technology holds over its out-dated counterpart is its customization capabilities. Like never before, developers of high-end premium WordPress themes have been able to offer a wide-range of customization options for embedded video players.

Best Video Themes for WordPress


Video Magazine WordPress Theme
Give your video website a makeover with the stunning Vlog theme for WordPress. Crammed with unique high-end features, such as drag & drop module system, custom video playback options, video thumbnail support, color scheme customization and selectable layouts. The Vlog theme for WordPress has raised the bar for other video themes to aim for. Give your video project the online presence it deserves with this beautiful and stunning video WordPress theme that looks incredible on all modern desktop & mobile browsers.

The Passion

Video & Music WordPress Theme
Create an impressive video website with ease using the powerful The Passion theme for WordPress. Ultra customizable using an intuitive theme options panel, selectable styles, and unlimited choice of theme colors, the theme provides you with all of the tools necessary to create a professional-looking website for your video content. Suitable for a wide-range of uses, including video content creation, The Passion theme is a great way to leave a lasting impression on your viewers with the minimum of effort. Easily create beautiful video websites using the user-friendly interfaces that come provided.

The Producer

Film Studio WordPress Theme
Impress your viewers with a professional-grade online presence using WordPress and The Producer premium theme. Cross-browser and mobile device compatibility is key if you are to maximize your reach as a video content creator. Ensuring your videos are presented in a consistent, trouble-free manner is essential if you are to leave a positive lasting impression on your viewers. This video theme offers a series of selectable templates, intuitive theme options panel and a selection of themed skins. The Producer theme could be a great companion for all budding vloggers.


Media Sharing WordPress Theme
Synchronize all of your video content to your WordPress website using the cool SocialPlay theme. Manage your various channels, playlists, albums, and profiles using an integrated user interface that is easy-to-use yet powerful enough to provide great functionality. Easily connect to your YouTube, Metacafe, SoundCloud, Vimeo and DailyMotion accounts to self-promote your content in a visually appealing way that is suitable for viewing using a wide-range of mobile devices and browsers. The SocialPlay theme could be a great addition to any video-based WordPress site.


Video WordPress Theme
The Primero theme for WordPress comes with the ability to present your video content in a professional-looking environment. Choose from a range of selectable portfolio templates, menu styles, and animated content sliders to create a visually appealing home for your video-based content. An extensive theme options control panel and a variety of shortcodes are also provided to help you express your creativity even further, allowing you to put your video content in the spotlight.


Video WordPress Theme
Solar is an eye-catching premium WordPress theme with extensive video capabilities as standard. Customize a wide-range of theme elements with ease using a powerful theme options panel and unlimited color scheme editor. Create an engaging identity for your video project that looks great on all of today's modern desktop browsers and mobile devices. Multiple post formats, unlimited sidebars, and Flickr integration also comes fully supported in this robust, professional-grade WordPress theme that is perfect for your next video-related project.


Video Blogging WordPress Theme
TheMotion is a high-end video blogging theme for WordPress that can give your video website a boost. This video WordPress theme is suitable for video bloggers who want to publish video content on a regular basis. TheMotion WordPress theme supports modern desktop browsers and mobile devices and you can provide your viewers with an environment that is welcoming, functional and consistent. Easily customize this video theme to suit your and your visitor's needs in real-time using the familiar theme customizer interface in WordPress.


Powerful Video WordPress Theme
VideoMag is a customizable video-orientated theme for WordPress. Using an extensive theme control panel, you can fine tune the theme to suit your needs with no coding knowledge required. Make use of the bundled drag & drop page builder plugin to create engaging pages for your video content that look amazing on all browsers and mobile devices alike. With the VideoMag WordPress theme you can create a unique environment using the vast-range of provided content shortcodes, selectable templates and unlimited widgetized sidebars.


Premium Video WordPress Theme
Snaptube is an impressive video theme for WordPress. Using an easy-to-use drag & drop interface and a wide-range of custom video-related widgets & modules, you can create customized layouts that make your videos look fantastic on all modern browsers and mobile devices. A powerful theme options panel allows you to adjust a wide-range of theme elements with ease. Snaptube makes light work of presenting your video content in an efficient and beautiful manner, so you can focus on creating awesome video content.


Cool Video WordPress Theme
Publish and share any video in a professional-looking way using WordPress and the cool VideoTube theme. Compatible with a wide-range of video services such as YouTube, DailyMotion and Vimeo, you can embed and retrieve thumbnails of your favourite videos with no previous experience required. VideoTube comes complete with a wide-range of selectable templates, custom widgets, sidebars, shortcodes, and enhanced sorting capabilities as standard, enabling video producers and content creatives to create a unique video experience.

Conclusion: Professional WordPress Video Themes

Choosing premium themes for any WordPress site is a great way to impress your visitors. You can instantly grab their attention with beautifully crafted pages, color schemes, and layouts. By offering your visitors a professional-grade environment for your video content you are making a statement to show that you care. This may not only increase your traffic, but your overall ad revenue as well.

Providing an attractive design, incredible video functionality, engaging layouts for your videos, and a unique identity are just some of the advantages you can have over your competitors. With thanks to the ever-impressive power and flexibility of WordPress, coupled with a high-end premium video WordPress theme, you can easily create the video website you desire with no coding experience required. What is your favorite video theme from the collection? Let us know in the comments.

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