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How to regenerate thumbnails and change image sizes in WordPress after a theme change

WordPress themes usually have defined various custom image dimensions for thumbnails and featured images. That means when you upload an image, WordPress will automatically generate several thumbnails from the original image that are required by your WordPress theme. These generated thumbnails can be used in WordPress as featured images and thumbnails across various locations on…

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Drop Caps WordPress

How to easily add drop caps to your WordPress content

The use of drop caps hasn’t always been for decorative purposes like it’s used in today’s typography. Drop caps once denoted the start of a new sentence, or highlighted an important event within the text. Paragraphs and break returns did not feature in early texts. So the usage of the drop cap was widespread in…

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How to fix Error Establishing a Database Connection in WordPress

Any technical error that occurs on your website can be scary, but the error establishing a database connection error is among the scariest. That’s because this error blocks access to your entire website and replaces it with a blank screen that simply says error establishing a database connection in bold, black text. But what exactly…

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